Useful Periodic Table (lite) Useful Periodic Table (lite)

Useful Periodic Table provides a quick lookup of element properties and quizes for students.

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A periodic table can be useful for those in physics, chemistry, or any of the sciences and engineering disciplines.  This is a periodic table of the elements that has all the elements and most of their respective properties collected and stored in one easy to use and simple to find location.  Contained within this periodic table is a unit converter that will convert some of the scientific dimensions.  Also, containing links to wikipedia for further literature on that element that you wish to know.  Great for students because of the elements quiz contained within.

Change Log:
Update element names to the official names Nihonium, Moscovium, Tennessine and Oganesson.

Updated quiz to include a detail view as well as the summary view.

Minor update to UI to add themes and improve experience of the table.

- 2.0.2
Updated the UI to match on Android, Chrome, IOS, Nook, and Playbook.

- 1.0.6
Added state view to the table 
Added temperature preference 
Added the following properties: 
  - Superconduction Temperature 
  - Reflectivity 
  -Refractive Index

Same great reference is available on the Google Play market for your android device.