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Quickly share web pages to all of your social networks using the Hootsuite Hootlet.

This extension is no longer available in Chrome Web Store
Rating: 3.33 (1,352)
Users: 296,382
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Version: 5.1.1 (Last updated: 2021-02-12)
Size: 410.62K
Price: Free
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Hootlet is being retired on March 15, 2021, but it will return! Stay tuned for the new and improved Hootlet in 2022

Your browsing experience made social.  Access and share content from anywhere on the web. Find photos, videos, blog posts and quotes. Find Tweets by location and share through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter with one click.

Hootlet is a free extension to the Chrome browser that brings the power of Hootsuite natively into the browser experience. Hootlet is the smartest way to be social while you surf, allowing you to quickly:
● Search social media alongside your Google search
● Share while you surf, with one click and without leaving your current window
● Highlight text to share directly to social media
● Discover geographically relevant social media with location awareness
● Share images and videos effortlessly

With Hootlet, you can search social content as easily as you search Google, share directly from any page, highlight any text and automatically compose a message to share, search location relevant social shares, and share images and video effortlessly.

Hootlet Highlights
● Access and share the world’s content 
● Schedule your posts to go out at the best time 
● Post to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
● Make your searches social
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