Compare Chrome extensions: Refined Microsoft Teams vs P2T Microsoft Teams

  • Refined Microsoft Teams has 132,362+ more weekly active users than P2T Microsoft Teams.
  • Refined Microsoft Teams has 0.91 higher average rating than P2T Microsoft Teams.
  • Refined Microsoft Teams has been rated 145 more times than P2T Microsoft Teams.
  • The size of Refined Microsoft Teams is 152.93% the size of P2T Microsoft Teams.
Refined Microsoft Teams Refined Microsoft Teams Stats P2T Microsoft Teams P2T Microsoft Teams
134,489+ User count 2,127+
3.91 Average rating 3.00
151 Rating count 6
2020-05-11 Last updated 2020-10-13
22.16K Size 14.49K
0.3.7 Version 1.0.1
Short description
Microsoft Teams, but better Adds push to talk functionality to Microsoft Teams
Full summary
Need a more compact view of channels and teams ?
Need to add 100+ people in a channel, *manually* ?

- Bulk insert users into a Team (members and guests)
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Finally, easy push to talk functionality for Microsoft Teams via your Chrome browser. Just press and hold the space bar to unmute, then lift your finger to mute again.
Are you using Microsoft Teams for meetings or school? Would you like an easier way to make sure that you are heard only when you want to be? The internet has asked for it, but Microsoft has yet to answer. Fortunately, P2T Microsoft Teams is here to answer those pleas. Once installed in your Chrome browser, this utility extension will add "push to talk" functionality to Microsoft teams automatically. 
The magic key is the space bar. Your mic will unmute itself as you hold down the space key and mute again once you let go. Additionally, push to talk is temporarily disabled when you are typing in a search bar or using the space key to select and press buttons in the Teams interface.

 I built this for myself to use and decided to share because I know others could use this as well while we all wait for Microsoft to officially add this feature to Teams. Like it? Share it with your friends and coworkers! Love it? Leave a review! Did I miss something when testing this? Please let me know!

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