HCOS - Hide Chrome Omnibox Suggestions HCOS - Hide Chrome Omnibox Suggestions

Hide Chrome Omnibox (Search&Address bar) Suggestions.

By: SiyiLee
Rating: 4.89 (38)
Users: 3,000+
Version: 1.1 (Last updated: 2020-11-23)
Size: 36.34K
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English Summary
1. Omnibox is the abbreviation of "multifunctional address bar", which can be simply understood as an address bar.
2. The main purpose of this extension is to hide the historical search suggestions that pop up after the cursor in the address bar of the new tab page is focused (the background is implemented to delete the Google search record).
3. Support to add a custom website, open the extension options page, you can add a custom URL prefix to the page.

1. Omnibox为“多功能地址栏”简称,可以简单理解为地址栏。
2. 该扩展主要目的是为了隐藏新建标签页面地址栏光标聚焦后所弹出的历史搜索建议(后台实现为删除该条Google搜索记录)。
3. 支持添加自定义网站,打开扩展选项页面,可以在该页面中添加自定义网址前缀。
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