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Google Drawings
#1. Google Drawings (v1.1)
Create shapes and diagrams
3,167 3,149,007
Little Alchemy
#2. Little Alchemy (v1.5.0)
A simple but addictive game. Start with four basic items and use them to find dinosaurs, unicorns and spaceships!
11,596 948,303
Editing software for Google Chrome OS, Win & iOS. Easy online movie maker with advanced video creation tools. Install & edit free.
12,448 1,685,984
Sketchpad 3.5
#4. Sketchpad 3.5 (v3.5.2.23)
Draw, Create, Share!
716 188,611
#5. Sketchpad (v3.5.9)
Draw, sketch, create with Sketchpad.
2,372 370,399
Gravit Designer
#6. Gravit Designer (v3.5.49)
Gravit Designer is a full featured free vector design app right at your fingertip.
264 51,880
Make music online. Record instruments, vocals and use loops. Collaborate and create music with friends from anywhere.
479 95,203
The BioDigital Human is a 3D platform that simplifies the understanding of anatomy, disease and treatments. Explore the body in 3D!
1,332 244,734
flowkey - Learn piano
#9. flowkey - Learn piano (v1.3.0.4)
With flowkey you can learn piano by playing the songs you love. Play along with songs immediately using your own piano.
248 45,254
#10. usecubes (v7.2.1)
Simply design your 3D pixel arts and bring them to life.
410 36,389
Explore your Creativity. Drawing application with a number of cool brushes, symmetry modes, sharing features. Inspired by Harmony.
1,808 110,026
Now anyone can create stunning visual content for print, mobile or web. Make brochures, newsletters, magazines, reports, and more.
1,241 266,619
Webflow is a drag-and-drop website builder for creating professional responsive websites without code.
405 29,236
#14. Padlet (v0.6)
The easiest way to create and collaborate in the world
104 234,932
Animoto Video Maker
#15. Animoto Video Maker (v2.6.15)
Easily turn photos and video clips into powerful, professional videos.
419 80,719
#16. Easil (v1.2.0.2)
The easiest way to create graphics for digital & print. Select a template and drag & drop to update in just minutes!
22 3,951
#17. CuriosityStream (v0.0.0.2)
The world's first ad-free, on-demand streaming service for premium factual shows that enlighten, entertain and inspire.
12 4,084
#18. Hermit (v2.0)
Hermit is a secure, private writing application for everybody who likes to write, from scribblers to aspiring authors.
50 5,376