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#1. Nebula (v1.7)
Nebula by - Get in deep space! This theme for Chrome is free to download & comes with free lifetime updates.…
2,002 700,000+
#2. Galaxy-View (v1.3)
4,450 700,000+
Dark Space
#3. Dark Space (v2)
Simply space. But dark. Link to image source: UPDATE: Changed color of background tabs…
2,076 400,000+
Colorful Galaxy
#4. Colorful Galaxy (v1.3)
This theme changes the appearance of chrome into a beautiful star galaxy with rich exciting colors.
2,210 400,000+
A 1440p theme with a galaxy backdrop with transparent tabs. Tabs and bookmark text have a blue text while recent page text is…
2,938 300,000+
Невероятная тема оформления для
2,824 300,000+
Space & Patterns
#7. Space & Patterns (v2.1)
Let the galaxy inspire you, friends.
760 300,000+
Невероятная тема оформления для
756 200,000+
Lone Tree
#9. Lone Tree (v1.2)
A serene theme with elements of joy radiating from light touches of color emanating out the profusely stunning image.
6,475 200,000+
Moonlit Reflection
#10. Moonlit Reflection (v1.0)
BeastPansy Theme: Moonlit Reflection
363 100,000+
Black space theme for Chrome. Image by NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope with galaxies and stars.
552 100,000+
#12. Космос (v1.6)
Невероятная тема оформления для
2,458 100,000+
#13. Space (v3)
A nice space wallpaper that i used for my dual monitor setup that looks awesome. Hope you all enjoy it as much as i do. I couldn't…
2,375 100,000+
#14. Universe (v2)
This theme is in the resolution 1920 x 1080. If you would like to request another resolution, or if you have any suggestions,…
3,171 100,000+
Lone Space
#15. Lone Space (v1)
Lone Space by - Get some quiet time, Experience aimlessly drifting away through deep space right in your…
376 60,000+
The Space
#16. The Space (v1)
Everyone who loves space and its beauty, this topic is for you!
1,003 50,000+
Space Planet
#17. Space Planet (v1.6)
The planet Saturn and its rings depicted in blue space.
2,732 50,000+
Space Nebula
#18. Space Nebula (v1.0.1)
Create my own custom themes for myself.
544 40,000+
Space Lagoon
#19. Space Lagoon (v2.21)
A flat blue/green theme with a nebula as a background, engulfing the icons and search field. V2: - higher resolution for the…
750 30,000+
Тема (заставка) для Google Chrome. Rainbow Forest. Радужный лес. 1920x1080.
1,325 20,000+
My Custom Theme
#21. My Custom Theme (v1.0.0)
Space/Galaxy Theme because I needed more in my life.
307 20,000+
Real Moon
#22. Real Moon (v1)
Chrome theme with a real picture of the moon. The stars travel through the status bar and is fluid throughout the chrome user…
172 10,000+
Planet Spaceix
#23. Planet Spaceix (v1)
Fluid space theme
251 10,000+
#24. W10 (v1.5)
This is a simple dark theme created for Window 10 users with dark mode enabled. I've recently started using a Windows 10 operating…
102 8,000+
Space Sunrise
#25. Space Sunrise (v1.1)
147 8,000+
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