Chrome extensions by collections

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TA Ticketing Kiosk
Simple Kiosk for Theatre Aspen ticketing. Based entirely off tutorial at…
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Rise Player
#3. Rise Player (v2021.07.07.8166)
To help you save time, we created the Rise Player for Chrome OS.
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This app will turn any Chrome device into a Wondersign digital signage media player.
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#5. AdStops (v0.4.1.19)
AdStops ads on your digital signage screen
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#6. NCTest (v3.7)
For the testing program of North Carolina Public Schools. Contact your LEA test coordinator for questions.
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OSTP for Chrome
#7. OSTP for Chrome (v1.431)
iTester Chrome Application is chrome app for iTester platform
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CKids Brigade of Tzivos Hashem's Kiosk for campers and students
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Stratosmedia Player
#9. Stratosmedia Player (v2.0.411)
StratosMedia Player
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#10. TestNav (v1.10.118)
Online Testing App from Pearson
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Chrome Kiosk App for Nutrislice™ Digital Signage - exceptional signage for schools, food service, and everything else.
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#13. Arreya (v0.2.27)
Arreya Digital Signage Client
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#14. Kiosk (vkiosk-9.3.0)
Launch any URL as a full-screen kiosk.
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