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1,387 40,000+
GeoGebra Classic
#2. GeoGebra Classic (v6.0.672.0)
Apps bundle including free tools for geometry, spreadsheet, probability, and CAS
2,008 3,000,000+
Pear Deck
#3. Pear Deck (v1.0.0.12)
Interactive presentations and formative assessments to engage every student in your room, every day!
110 2,000,000+
#4. CK-12 (v0.0.0.9)
CK-12 is an app to help students, and teachers improve K-12 learning globally by providing self-pace learning content & tools.
56 2,000,000+
Duolingo on the Web
#5. Duolingo on the Web (v1.0.13)
Learn languages completely free, without ads or hidden charges. It's fun, easy, and scientifically proven.
6,339 2,000,000+
#6. Quizlet (v4.2)
Quizlet makes simple tools that let you study anything, for free
576 1,000,000+
#7. Newsela (v1.0.3)
Read closely. Think critically. Be worldly.
66 1,000,000+
Fluency Tutor® for Google™ helps busy teachers bring struggling readers up to speed.
54 1,000,000+
#9. DOGOnews (v1.0.1.3)
The #1 source for Current Events, News and Non-fictional articles for Kids and Teachers
22 900,000+
#10. IXL (v1.2)
Engaging and adaptive learning for math, language arts, science, social studies, and Spanish.
161 800,000+
Discovery  Education
#11. Discovery Education (v1.0.1)
Explore your curiousity!
22 400,000+
Make music and podcasts online. A collaborative tool for the modern classroom.
37 200,000+
Opposing Viewpoints In Context
6 100,000+
Math Games
#14. Math Games (v0.2)
Math Games allows students to practice math skills with more than 1.5 million questions that cover Kindergarten to the 8th Grade.
68 100,000+
scrible Edu
#15. scrible Edu (v1.0.7)
scrible provides research tools. scrible Edu adds writing tools. 1-Click Citations & Bibliographies + Google Drive/Docs integration.
6 70,000+
Science In Context
#16. Science In Context (v0.3)
Science In Context
0 60,000+
Haiku Deck
#17. Haiku Deck (v2.0)
The fastest and easiest way to create beautiful presentations for work, classroom, and more.
24 50,000+
#18. Quill (v0.0.0.1)
Free Grammar Activities
73 30,000+
#19. DOGObooks (v1.0.0.2)
The #1 destination for book recommendations for young readers. See what kids are saying at
4 20,000+
U.S. History In Context
2 10,000+
#21. Curiosity (v1.0.0)
Curiosity Makes You Smarter
16 4,000+
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