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This theme has been deprecated in favour of the official Google Chrome dark theme.
2,352 415,678
Black red shards
Black shards with red splitting out. DOWNLOAD WALLPAPER HERE:…
6,521 610,185
#3. Galaxy-View (v1.3)
4,368 622,783
Into The Mist
#4. Into The Mist (v1)
Simple, dark Google Chrome theme with a polished look. The photograph used in this photo is not mine but rather photography from…
11,708 629,590
As requested, i have made a black and blue shards theme. Wallpaper can be downloaded here:…
4,552 413,626
I hope you can handle the night life.
17,337 468,762
Morpheon Dark
#7. Morpheon Dark (v5.0)
A minimalistic dark theme without any distractions
9,079 1,387,407
A 1440p theme with a galaxy backdrop with transparent tabs. Tabs and bookmark text have a blue text while recent page text is…
2,836 282,080
Pink Triangles
#9. Pink Triangles (v3.2.0)
A theme with a pink triangle pattern.
1,071 227,563
Dark Theme v3
#10. Dark Theme v3 (v3)
Dark Theme v3 Resolution optimized for 4K Marco De la Cruz For questions, suggestions or issues please use the Support tab on the…
1,768 508,713
Unknown Space
#11. Unknown Space (v1.6)
Awesome theme for
2,805 346,209
#12. Space (v1.6)
Awesome theme for
2,454 171,557
Brushed metal theme for Google Chrome with a transparent toolbar. Works with any Windows Aero theme. Developed by Jim Biggs
1,310 143,412
Flying Paint
#14. Flying Paint (v1.6)
Awesome theme for
4,477 562,756
Eiffel Tower
#15. Eiffel Tower (v1.6)
Awesome theme for
1,596 238,690
#16. Beauty (v1.6)
Awesome theme for
1,581 268,985
#17. Turkey (v1)
Turkey by - Experience beautiful Turkey right in your browser ... This theme for Chrome is free to download &…
272 122,215
#18. Waterfalls (v1.6)
Awesome theme for
136 46,338
Color Fusion
#19. Color Fusion (v2.2)
Color Fusion by - Color your browser! This theme for Chrome is free to download & comes with free lifetime…
644 104,722
 Colorful Galaxy
#20. Colorful Galaxy (v1.3)
This theme changes the appearance of chrome into a beautiful star galaxy with rich exciting colors.
2,134 310,827
No Man's Sky Theme
No Man's Sky art with a dark toolbar.
496 90,388
City Lights
#22. City Lights (v1)
A City on the banks of a river at night is a feast to the eyes. The glitter of the city lights and the glow of the river together…
309 57,086
#23. Crown (v1.1)
A colorful theme for those who like all things pink and gold.
443 51,005
#24. Field (v1.6)
Awesome theme for
145 54,835
For the railway lovers
761 143,018