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gorescript classic
#1. gorescript classic (v1.2.2)
Fast-paced '90s-style first-person shooter with an abstract 2.5D-meets-voxels aesthetic, made entirely in JavaScript / WebGL.
893 142,318
Basket & Ball
#2. Basket & Ball (v1.0.3.7)
Lead the living ball into the jolly basket in this unique basketball arcade game!
406 145,017
Funky Karts
#3. Funky Karts (v1.6.4)
A Nonstop Platform Roller
1,853 137,656
#4. Solitaire (v1.9.2)
Solitaire is a free collection that allows you to play 9 challenging Solitaire Games.
6,852 437,472
Cartoon Strike: Lite
Play this first-person multiplayer game in pixel graphics.
581 85,607
#6. DarkOrbit (v2.1)
Discover unknown sectors of deep space<br>with lasers blazing.
1,008 62,984
Draw and play Free Rider HD tracks offline!
611 90,680
#8. Dominoes (v2.0.52)
Play some bones! Dominoes is the classic logic game. Single- and online multiplayer.
630 114,593
Green Madness
#9. Green Madness (v1.1.0.11)
Beta Version of Green Madness
140 24,624
Mahjong Solitaire
#10. Mahjong Solitaire (v1.57)
Mahjong Solitaire Classic
349 84,547
#11. FARMERAMA (v2.1)
Throw on your overalls and hit the fields!<br>Take home the blue ribbon as farmer of the year!
1,560 76,507
Mahjong Solitaire Classic HTML5
122 27,414
#13. SparkChess (v10.0.0)
The only chess game that puts fun first. Play against the computer or challenge your friends online!
9,211 256,981
#14. ZooMumba (v1.4)
Funny and wild animals and their cuddly offspring<br>your zoo's visitors will be delighted!
205 10,653
Mob Wars LCN
#15. Mob Wars LCN (v9.2)
Fullfill your family duty in Mob Wars LCN the best online mafia crime mmo!
177 7,323
#16. Beambox (v0.5.39.2169dc4)
Light up all petals to pass level.
110 10,705
Zombie Slayer
#17. Zombie Slayer (v5.3)
The world is being overcome by Zombies, it is up to YOU to eradicate in the best online Zombie RPG!
192 14,900
#18. ManaPlus (v19.3.23)
ManaPlus 2D MMORPG client
49 3,913
Crosswords Arena
#19. Crosswords Arena (v2.0.0.1)
Play online against friends or the computer. Crosswords Arena is a free word game for two players.
139 8,088
Antarctic Penguin Run
#20. Antarctic Penguin Run (v1.1.2)
Run with Fox Penguin and his friends in the delightful world.
22 2,336
Space 2
#21. Space 2 (v2.0.3)
Take on the galaxy in this simple yet addicting shooter
213 9,131
Build your kingdom, recruit a huge army and go battles! online war game.
13 696
Pirates Glory
#23. Pirates Glory (v1.7.3)
Choose your path in this unique roleplaying strategy game
417 5,905
Pwnie Yard: Razorettes
Get to know the twins and save Tommy by jumping over the swinging barbwire... forever
21 572
vPopulus Game
#25. vPopulus Game (v0.1)
vPopulus App
105 3,712