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Retro Robots Theme
Theme fits upto 1920 x 1080 Aero version available here…
3,391 59,501
© 2012 angel & alex li. all rights reserved.
242 12,820
fluffy sushi
#3. fluffy sushi (v1.0)
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102 16,438
Rosie Frenchie
#4. Rosie Frenchie (v0.0.6)
Cute, simple shapes of French Bulldog's head!
116 11,308
#5. Butterfly (v1.6)
Awesome theme for
153 16,461
#6. made_of (v1.0)
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322 21,253
Beautiful Day 1080p
#7. Beautiful Day 1080p (v1.0.1.0)
A beautiful green theme to remind you of those warm summer days...
237 23,115
Heart Pattern
#8. Heart Pattern (v1.6)
Awesome theme for
138 9,043
Pencil Sketch
#9. Pencil Sketch (v1.0)
1,171 12,631
Pattern of Leaves
#10. Pattern of Leaves (v1.6)
Awesome theme for
152 7,118
Baby Frenchie
#11. Baby Frenchie (v0.0.1)
Cute, simple shapes of French Bulldog's head in baby’s colors!
85 5,953
#12. Floksiki (v1.1)
Floksiki - it's a small amusing animals drаw by the magic illustrator Natasha Floksy.
651 11,931
Eiffel Tower Love Theme
A Chrome theme featuring an Eiffel Tower illustration and an overall love look.
3,401 20,427
Nuvi Collection
#14. Nuvi Collection (v5)
Updated! You can now actually see your inactive tabs! ^_^ And no more yellow toolbar. A quirky theme created by Elisa Sassi, an…
1,277 8,367
Red Mountains
#15. Red Mountains (v3)
A Clean Red Mountain Range
81 8,321
Winter Wolf
#16. Winter Wolf (v1)
Another angular animal theme for google chrome.
562 21,462
A Girl.
164 3,384
Lilo Rage & Shoomi
Try telling Lilo Rage she’s cute. Well, she is. Just don’t let her hear you. Her young brother Shoomi, however, loves to be the…
122 1,563
Simplistic, light, cute theme featuring the melancholic pon & zi Theme created by Tessa J pon & zi (c)
113 1,831
Glade Theme
#20. Glade Theme (v1.1.0.0)
Explore the great outdoors, from the comfort of your web browser.
70 1,841
ICONS Overdrive Multicolor. Arrangement by Eric Roberts, icons by Icons8. Check out my art at
37 294
Poison Bunny Studios theme in toxic blues, greens, and pinks.
17 1,052
Mawaru Penguindrum: Takakuras' Penguin Trio Theme by MegaBubbletea * Nice theme for Mawaru Penguindrum fans! * Created for…
33 1,274
#25. Happy (v1.1)
57 1,484