Chrome extensions by collections

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Just Black
#1. Just Black (v3)
Midnight monochrome
3,791 8,727,549
Black red shards
Black shards with red splitting out. DOWNLOAD WALLPAPER HERE:…
6,521 610,185
#3. Galaxy-View (v1.3)
4,368 622,783
Into The Mist
#4. Into The Mist (v1)
Simple, dark Google Chrome theme with a polished look. The photograph used in this photo is not mine but rather photography from…
11,708 629,590
As requested, i have made a black and blue shards theme. Wallpaper can be downloaded here:…
4,552 413,626
I hope you can handle the night life.
17,337 468,762
Morpheon Dark
#7. Morpheon Dark (v5.0)
A minimalistic dark theme without any distractions
9,079 1,387,407
Carbon Blackout
#8. Carbon Blackout (v1.9)
Carbon Blackout by - Black out your browser! This theme for Chrome is free to download & comes with free…
849 308,679
Black space theme for Chrome. Image by NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope with galaxies and stars.
536 197,146
 Colorful Galaxy
#10. Colorful Galaxy (v1.3)
This theme changes the appearance of chrome into a beautiful star galaxy with rich exciting colors.
2,134 310,827
All black mode for the avid seeker of true darkness
22 12,540
Seattle Night
#12. Seattle Night (v4)
Seattle Night
99 30,664
Material Dark
#13. Material Dark (v2.0.1)
A minimalistic dark material design inspired theme.
2,534 294,553
Lone Space
#14. Lone Space (v1)
Lone Space by - Get some quiet time, Experience aimlessly drifting away through deep space right in your…
360 69,402
Pure Blacks for AMOLED Screens
9 4,597
A simple, darker grey theme with a fully dark header and header bar.
1,200 230,502
Into the Storm
#17. Into the Storm (v3)
IronBob and TheJuice entering the storm.
162 15,488
A simple dark theme with a blue abstract background.
355 14,589
Just Black Improved: based on Google's version with some tweaks
14 4,297
Black Cat theme
#20. Black Cat theme (v4)
Minimal black theme with white text featuring my black cat Nils. Hope you'll like it.
454 21,421
Gloss dark
#21. Gloss dark (v1)
Dark glossy theme
3 899
Flower in the Dark
#22. Flower in the Dark (v2.0)
Dark, simple theme with a single hepatica flower emerging from a dark background
93 11,278
Red and tan-cream-honey colored paper cranes on a black background. More colors and sizes available. As always, don't forget you…
85 7,664
Just a clean and smooth looking blue black theme. This paid version had no attributions, as they have been removed.
111 1,500
space debris
#25. space debris (v1)
Nice space theme for your browser
250 4,213