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Morpheon Dark
#1. Morpheon Dark (v5.0)
A minimalistic dark theme without any distractions
9,112 1,000,000+
Just Black
#2. Just Black (v3)
Midnight monochrome
3,889 9,000,000+
#3. Slate (v2)
Slate is cool and composed
992 1,000,000+
A Dark theme base on google material design, Be prepared to taste a dark chocolate.
96 60,000+
[I've been using this theme for quite a while; finally deciding to publish it.] I've used loads of dark themes for Chrome before,…
36 30,000+
Pure Blacks for AMOLED Screens
26 50,000+
The best dark Chrome theme for your web browser. It's simple and coherent.
2,753 700,000+
Slinky Elegant
#8. Slinky Elegant (v20.0)
Smart. Simple. Beautiful Theme.
5,613 1,000,000+
Black & White
#9. Black & White (v2.1)
Black & White: a timeless combination
637 600,000+
Carbon Blackout
#10. Carbon Blackout (v1.9)
Carbon Blackout by - Black out your browser! This theme for Chrome is free to download & comes with free…
857 300,000+
A simple, darker grey theme with a fully dark header and header bar.
1,205 200,000+
All black mode for the avid seeker of true darkness
47 40,000+
True Dark Black Theme, easy for the eyes, fitted for any type of display, but especially for Amoled screens
85 20,000+
Deep Dark
#14. Deep Dark (v1.8)
Deep Dark. Carbon Texture with Blue Text Inspired by FT DeepDark. From
331 10,000+
Aero - Extra Black
#15. Aero - Extra Black (v1.0)
Aero - Extra Black Just a simple plane black theme that works with windows 7 Aero theme. Background tabs are transparent black,…
329 10,000+
Gloss dark
#16. Gloss dark (v1)
Dark glossy theme
9 4,000+
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