Chrome extensions by collections

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Hides all the useless pixels at the top of the code search interface on
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Shows the current Chromium Week/Phase/Iteration when looking at the issue tracker.
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Displays the status of the Chromium buildbot in the toolbar. Click to see more detailed status in a popup.
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Displays the openness / closedness of the Chrome OS build tree.
4 233
Highlight your commits on buildbot pages.
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#6. Alchemize (v2.1.0)
Minify & pretty-print source code with ease.
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Code Edit Beta
#7. Code Edit Beta (v1.1.6)
A small and simple open source code editor for Chrome and Chrome OS.
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Source Quicklinks
Allows quick jumping between Chrome, Blink, WebKit, V8, etc. source links
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Chromite Butler
#9. Chromite Butler (v1.300)
Meant to be useful to chromium developers (for buildbot and/or codereview).
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