Chrome extensions by collections

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Google Translate
#1. Google Translate (v2.0.9)
View translations easily as you browse the web. By the Google Translate team.
43,593 10,000,000+
Grammarly for Chrome
#2. Grammarly for Chrome (v14.1024.0)
Write your best with Grammarly for Chrome.
40,790 10,000,000+
#3. Office (v2.2.6)
View, edit, and create Office documents in your browser.
4,254 3,713,715
Save to Google Drive
Save web content or screen capture directly to Google Drive.
4,689 3,348,738
Google Keep Chrome Extension
#5. Google Keep Chrome Extension (v4.21292.540.1)
Save to Google Keep in a single click!
7,448 5,938,529
Stay focused in a pleasant way.
963 638,251
View definitions easily as you browse the web.
16,608 2,744,292
Todoist for Chrome
#8. Todoist for Chrome (v10.2)
Organize work and life with Todoist for Chrome
48,702 768,685
#9. StayFocusd (v1.6.0)
StayFocusd increases your productivity by limiting the amount of time that you can spend on time-wasting websites.
7,380 615,713
The best coupons and the most Cash Back. We do all the work. You just shop and save.
43,463 3,426,835
Google Scholar Button
Lookup scholarly articles as you browse the web.
1,362 2,830,799
Automatically create website citations in the APA, MLA, Chicago, or Harvard referencing styles at the click of a button.
514 474,184
Boost reading and writing confidence across all types of content and devices, in class, at work, and at home!
2,113 2,830,754
#14. Noisli (v2.0.4)
Your digital place for focus. Listen to background sounds to mask annoying noises and help you focus while you work, study or relax.
808 180,353 Extension
#15. Extension (v3.1.3.28) helps you remember everything you have to do.
2,969 192,143
Hypothesis - Web & PDF Annotation
#16. Hypothesis - Web & PDF Annotation (v1.799.0.0 (Official Build))
Collaboratively annotate, highlight, and tag web pages and PDF documents.
177 143,018
Padlet Mini
#17. Padlet Mini (v3.5.0)
Collect and bookmark the best of web for yourself or with friends.
60 141,894
#18. Notepad (v1.0.4)
A light-weight notetaking tool.
71 15,323
Periodex (Chrome)
#19. Periodex (Chrome) (v6.1.22)
Elegant periodic table of elements
48 4,741
Beautiful, powerful, free math exploration! Brought to you by
1,413 836,355
A convenient button for quickly searching millions of Course Hero study resources from anywhere on the web!
6 2,268
#22. BIODIGITAL HUMAN (v3.1.3)
The BioDigital Human is a 3D platform that simplifies the understanding of anatomy, disease and treatments. Explore the body in 3D!
4,867 818,763
Highly Highlighter
#23. Highly Highlighter (v3.18)
Highlight to share.
390 11,267
My Study Life
#24. My Study Life (v5.1.0)
A free online planner for students, teachers and lecturers designed to make your study life easier to manage.
663 112,747
Master Touch Typing in a few minutes per day - more typing training than any other program on the chrome store…
67 10,320