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#1. cats. (v0.46)
There are no uninteresting cats; only uninterested people.
680 23,106
All you need is love and a cat! Enjoy overly adorable cat and kitten wallpapers with every new tab.
934 12,859
A dog makes your life more awesome! If you are a dog & puppy lover enjoy adorable HD wallpapers of cute dogs with every new tab.
769 10,028
Comments to Cats
#4. Comments to Cats (v4.2.9)
Comments to Cats blocks comments from top websites and literally, transforms them to cute, chubby cats.
123 5,734
A cute cat in every new tab.
63 4,576
Install MY BABY ANIMALS and get cute HD wallpapers every time you open a new tab.
156 4,361
Meow Met
#7. Meow Met (v2.3)
Override the standard new tab page with a random cat from the Metropolitan Museum of Art's online collection
84 3,226
#8. Catcaller (v1.0)
Feeling down? Simply call a cat from your browser, instantly brightening your mood without interrupting workflow!
33 704
Enjoy amazing HD images of puppies on every new tab page!
100 334
#10. MEOWSER.ME (v2.1)
Replaces all images on a given page with pictures of cats.
2 108
Animal Sounds
1 49
Love animals ? Then this Chrome extension is for you! It immerses you in a new wildlife photograph each time you open a new tab!
0 40