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Find out the most used Chrome extensions under the Social Networks category in Chrome Web Store

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TweetDeck by Twitter #1. TweetDeck by Twitter (v3.10)

Your personal browser for staying in touch with what's happening now
12,658 1,219,340

Hootsuite #2. Hootsuite (v5.245)

Publish updates, track activity, and analyze results across multiple social networks including Twitter and Facebook.
1,842 305,052

Instagram Review #3. Instagram Review (v0.0.1)

Instagram is an incredibly popular smart phone app for sharing images, videos with your buddies. The creators of it are Kevin Syst
9 89,957

Twitter #4. Twitter (v1.2)

A simple intuitive twitter app for your Chrome Browser
308 73,373

Video Downloader #5. Video Downloader (v1.0.2.1)

Download video from Facebook in few seconds easily, and Save to Google Drive directly. Just copy the url from Facebook & paste it.
484 58,156

Audiense #6. Audiense (v0.8.19)

Social marketing platform with advanced insight, segmentation, listening and campaign functionality.
7,238 54,410

friGate CDN - install page #7. friGate CDN - install page (v1.3.3)

Lets get uninterrupted access to websites. It allows you to open blocked sites.
667 54,124

Buffer #8. Buffer (v1.0.3)

Buffer is your easier way to share. Manage and organise your timeline, see detailed analytics and quickly create new posts.
610 47,598

VKlife Offline #9. VKlife Offline (v1.3.2.29)

Оффлайн клиент для социальной сети ВКонтакте
419 21,475

ForumFree #10. ForumFree (v1.5.6)

ForumFree App - Accedi ai tuoi forum preferiti con un click! --
15 19,327

Sender.Services #11. Sender.Services (vJune 1, 2020)

Acceleration of sending invitations on different dating services
164 18,458

Pearltrees #12. Pearltrees (v1.0.26)

Pearltrees lets you organize all your interests.
347 18,007

Twitter Emoticons #13. Twitter Emoticons (v1.0.0)

Complete list of all Twitter Emoticons.
353 12,334

Emojis Twitter #14. Emojis Twitter (v1.1)

Utiliza divertidos emojis para tus Tweets en Twitter desde tu equipo
312 10,692

Video to GIF Animation Converter #15. Video to GIF Animation Converter (v1.0.2.1)

This app allows you to create animated GIFs from videos directly. You can open a video file from your Google Drive and computer.
185 10,384

ソーシャルゲームPCブラウザ #16. ソーシャルゲームPCブラウザ (v1.0)

32 8,802

Vine #17. Vine (v21.23941)

Vine is the best way to see and share life in motion. Create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way for your…
177 8,335

My Shareaholic #18. My Shareaholic (v1.0.2)

Share, track, and analyze your links.
90 8,039

free smileys & emoticons #19. free smileys & emoticons (v0.0.0.3)

Copy & Paste emoji on facebook, twitter, googleplus and more!
100 7,830

The Spiceworks IT Community #20. The Spiceworks IT Community (v1.1.3)

Where the world's IT pros go to ask questions, get answers, discuss topics, share tips and request quotes from vendors. Join now!
104 7,695

icotile | Twitter Friends and Lists Manager #21. icotile | Twitter Friends and Lists Manager (v2)

You can manage Twitter's friends like iTunes, edit Twitter's lists using drag and drop.
42 6,532

Hidden Emoji for Facebook™ - App #22. Hidden Emoji for Facebook™ - App (v1.0.1)

Use hidden Emoji directly on Facebook™
152 6,345

Friends Visual Map #23. Friends Visual Map (v1.2)

Interactive visualization of social circles in your Facebook friends graph. Discover music and movies shared in your network. See…
115 6,037

Tracks #24. Tracks (v0.0.3)

A fun way to discover and share together
75 5,674

Twoo #25. Twoo (v1.0.0.3)

Easy access to The world's fastest growing place to meet new people is just 1 click away!
151 5,368
Found 232 results