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mydlink services plugin
mydlink services plugin
419 784,345
#2. PttChrome (v1.5.3)
PttChrome provides telnet connections to
1,230 353,300
Torrent Search
#3. Torrent Search (v1.2.0.7)
Torrent Search, You can quickly and easily search Torrent files in the world.
1,218 244,963
Privacy Palette
#4. Privacy Palette (v0.4)
Control your online privacy and secure your browsing experience.
1,028 84,593
Google Tips
#5. Google Tips (v1.1)
50 things you didn’t know you could do with Google.
301 79,845
Cloud Browser
#6. Cloud Browser (v0.8)
Full Cloud Browser from your Chrome browser ! (works on Mac / ChromeBook; Runs Java / Silverlight / ActiveX)
407 74,701
X New Tab Page
#7. X New Tab Page (v4.8.3)
X New Tab Page offers several features such as speed dial,cloud addition,and cloud backup to enhance the original New Tab.
2,704 61,288
Flash Control
#8. Flash Control (v0.2)
Flash control app helps you block adobe flash player files in any webpage you open, thus saving you tons of data
421 57,678
#9. Flobro (v0.2.4)
Do you want to work and simultaneously view a video or a webpage, but splitting your screen is no option? Then you need Flobro!
107 41,765
Use our free web proxy to surf the internet unrestricted, uncensored, fast, secure, and protect your online identity.
563 41,321
This is a straightforward anonymizing solution allows for a safe, anonymous and online based browsing.
413 35,800
#12. Scraper (v1.8)
Scraper extracts data out of web pages and into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
150 33,112
Ultimate Mp3 Music Search
Mp3 Music Search, You can quickly and easily search songs in the world.
143 24,708
A Chrome app which creates a system wide (tor)socks proxy at port 9999 enabling access to Tor network.[ earlier titled KroTor ] For…
120 23,550
Fast Proxy
#15. Fast Proxy (v1.0)
A fast and reliable Anonymous Web Proxy
157 21,065
#16. Download (v1.4)
Opens Downloads tab from New Tab and Context Menu. Options available to add/remove it from context menu
250 19,753
Free Web Proxy
#17. Free Web Proxy (v1.0.1.9)
Browse the web safely and anonymously using web proxy! Keep you hidden at all times from network monitoring.
226 18,235
96 14,436
Unblock a web site
#19. Unblock a web site (v1.0)
Unblock a website. Fast and reliable Web Proxy.
142 13,982
Leaf Browser Alpha
#20. Leaf Browser Alpha (v0.1.2)
An experimental browser that runs in chrome.
85 10,083
Geolocation picture manager of Google Photos on map, save pictures to PDF. Pin and save PDF using map location and geotag
156 9,321
Leaf Browser
#22. Leaf Browser (v1.2)
The continuation of the project Leaf Browser Alpha.
5 9,103
#23. ProxyCrime (v1)
Proxy site that allows you to browse your favorite websites fast and anonymous.
131 8,548
Find Big Mail
#24. Find Big Mail (v1)
Solve your Gmail out of space problems
24 8,263
Mocha TN5250
#25. Mocha TN5250 (v1.6)
TN5250 emulator for easy AS/400 access.
10 6,717
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