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【基本プレイ無料】 Mobageで大ヒット中の本格RPG! ついにChrome ウェブストアで登場! キャラクターデザイン:皆葉英夫 サウンドディレクター:植松伸夫 想像を超えるクオリティではじまる本格RPG。…
2,704 327,600
Arcane Legends
#2. Arcane Legends (v1.8.6)
Adventure unleashed! Explore the magical world of Arcane Legends with companions on desktop and mobile for FREE!
16,335 172,729
The West
#4. The West (v1.5)
Discover new lands and experience exciting adventures and duels! The West awaits!
837 68,829
#5. KingsRoad (v4.13)
Crush evil in this epic RPG adventure.
1,231 66,306
Dark Legends
#6. Dark Legends (v2.2.4)
Rise And Join The Vampire Nation. Sink your teeth into the desktop and mobile vampire world Dark Legends for FREE!
8,443 54,145
Hot Shot Sniper
#7. Hot Shot Sniper (v1.0)
Shoot the targets with your sniper rifle!
1,335 47,700
Drakensang Online
Become a hero and protect<br>mankind from the grizzly dangers of the Anderworld.
603 30,082
Zombie Slayer
#9. Zombie Slayer (v5.3)
The world is being overcome by Zombies, it is up to YOU to eradicate in the best online Zombie RPG!
192 21,953
【基本プレイ無料】 圧倒的クオリティで世界を神撃!! 豪華声優陣によるボイス付きキャラ100名以上!! 美麗カード10,000枚以上の中から自分だけのデッキを組み立てて 立ち塞がるモンスター、強力なライバルたちを討ち倒そう!! ◆バージョンアップ情報…
85 21,087
PokemonPets fan made Pokemon online MMO RPG free game. Advanced Pokedex, all Pokemon, battle, capture, train, Live PvP, market, chat
1,238 19,064
Think you are the master at shooting down targets? Time to step up and prove it!
371 18,938
Pokemon Legends
#13. Pokemon Legends (v1)
Pokemon Legends is a fun and addictive fan-made online monster battling game based on the universe of Pokemon.
1,510 15,212
AdventureQuest Worlds
AdventureQuest Worlds Browser MMORPG
799 14,810
Dragon Pals
#15. Dragon Pals (v2.4)
Dragon Pals is a multi-faceted, adventure based massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).
171 9,187
Mob Wars LCN
#16. Mob Wars LCN (v9.2)
Fullfill your family duty in Mob Wars LCN the best online mafia crime mmo!
177 9,066
Gun down the enemies attacking your base!
250 9,011
Follow the mission and Shoot to kill the targets!
198 8,320
Genesis MUD
#19. Genesis MUD (v0.4.9)
Genesis is free text-based roleplaying game set in a huge fantasy world.
180 8,147
Quick access to your Pokémon from Generation 1!!!
61 8,015
Nova Raider
#21. Nova Raider (v1.4.4)
Nova Raider is a massive multiplayer online roleplaying space game. Will you be the best pilote in the universe ?
244 7,768
#22. MafiaBattle (v16.3.24.1)
Run your own mafia empire and become the most respected mobster in MafiaBattle!
91 7,617
#23. Sryth (v1.48)
Enjoy an epic fantasy TEXT RPG that engages your imagination. Play right in your browser. Start your adventures today.
68 6,811
#24. Wartune (v2.5)
Wartune is a Strategy Hybrid MMORPG released by Wartune will keep you coming back for more.
162 6,122
Quick access to your Pokémon from Generation 5!!!
60 5,454
249 results