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#1. Bible (v2.3)
The Bible from YouVersion
1,850 100,000+
#2. JW.ORG (v1)
Go to JW Website
505 10,000+
Muslim Pro
#3. Muslim Pro (v1.0.2)
Accurate prayer times, adhan notifications and qibla directions worldwide.
159 10,000+
#4. Biblia (v2.2)
A simple way to approach the Bible, and get into the Word!
166 10,000+
This app is set up to present a different chapter of Proverbs everyday. Each chapter corresponds to the day of the month.
45 6,000+
This app will help you study the Bible more completely. There is also an option to listen to the bible read aloud to you.
28 6,000+
Católico Orante
#7. Católico Orante (v4.2)
Orações, Ofício de Nossa Senhora, Novenas, Lectio Divina, Pedidos de Orações, Liturgia das Horas, Liturgia diária, etc.
121 5,000+
the Mobile Catholic
#8. the Mobile Catholic (v1.0.1.5)
A Mobile Prayer App & Other Aids For Today's Busy Catholics
16 5,000+
Tag Quran
#9. Tag Quran (v2.1)
Tag Quran is an offline app useful to read and research the Holy Quran with multiple language translation
130 4,000+
Gospel eBooks
#10. Gospel eBooks (v1.2)
We alert you to sales on Christian e-Books.
32 4,000+
استمع الى القران الكريم
92 3,000+
Urdu Translation of holy Quran by Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri to download FREE
72 3,000+
Step Bible by Tyndale House, Cambridge
42 3,000+
LDS Tools
#14. LDS Tools (v0.2.2)
This is a web link to the member and leader tools page.
29 3,000+
Search, read and study the KJV Bible quickly in sequential or parallel view.
26 3,000+
Quran Flash
#16. Quran Flash (v1.7)
Read your Quran daily like never before. Comes with unique interface, multiple translations and recitations. Start with Bismillah =D
67 2,000+
Mormon Channel
#17. Mormon Channel (v1.0)
This app is just a link that goes directly to the online Mormon Channel.
45 2,000+
LDS Scriptures
#18. LDS Scriptures (v0.2.2)
This is a web link to the scripture study site at
24 2,000+
Prayer of the Day
#19. Prayer of the Day (v1.0.1)
Everyday a new prayer written by you or other people from Open Prayers' community
24 2,000+
#20. FamilySearch (v0.2.2)
This is a web link to FamilySearch (, the premier website for genealogical research and family history work.
12 2,000+
Daily Buddha
#21. Daily Buddha (v1.0)
Get your daily dose of zen with this Daily Buddha app.
12 2,000+
#22. Islam (v2.0)
Your 1 Stop Islam Spot!
41 1,000+
القرآن الكريم
38 1,000+
Extranet BSGI
#24. Extranet BSGI (v0.2)
Área de membros da BSGI
33 1,000+
The Glorious Quran
#25. The Glorious Quran (v1.2)
English Translation of Holy Quran by Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri to download FREE
34 1,000+
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