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#1. Bible (v2.3)
The Bible from YouVersion
1,855 142,320
Muslim Pro
#2. Muslim Pro (v1.0.2)
Accurate prayer times, adhan notifications and qibla directions worldwide.
159 13,842
#3. Biblia (v2.2)
A simple way to approach the Bible, and get into the Word!
166 11,749
#4. JW.ORG (v1)
Go to JW Website
505 10,872
This app is set up to present a different chapter of Proverbs everyday. Each chapter corresponds to the day of the month.
46 7,162
Católico Orante
#6. Católico Orante (v4.2)
Orações, Ofício de Nossa Senhora, Novenas, Lectio Divina, Pedidos de Orações, Liturgia das Horas, Liturgia diária, etc.
121 6,750
This app will help you study the Bible more completely. There is also an option to listen to the bible read aloud to you.
28 6,308
Tag Quran
#8. Tag Quran (v2.1)
Tag Quran is an offline app useful to read and research the Holy Quran with multiple language translation
130 4,995
Gospel eBooks
#9. Gospel eBooks (v1.2)
We alert you to sales on Christian e-Books.
32 4,827
Step Bible by Tyndale House, Cambridge
42 3,639
Search, read and study the KJV Bible quickly in sequential or parallel view.
26 3,636
Urdu Translation of holy Quran by Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri to download FREE
72 3,463
استمع الى القران الكريم
92 3,373
the Mobile Catholic
#14. the Mobile Catholic (v1.0.1.5)
A Mobile Prayer App & Other Aids For Today's Busy Catholics
16 3,361
LDS Tools
#15. LDS Tools (v0.2.2)
This is a web link to the member and leader tools page.
29 3,147
Daily Buddha
#16. Daily Buddha (v1.0)
Get your daily dose of zen with this Daily Buddha app.
12 3,016
Mormon Channel
#17. Mormon Channel (v1.0)
This app is just a link that goes directly to the online Mormon Channel.
45 2,972
Prayer of the Day
#18. Prayer of the Day (v1.0.1)
Everyday a new prayer written by you or other people from Open Prayers' community
24 2,596
Quran Flash
#19. Quran Flash (v1.7)
Read your Quran daily like never before. Comes with unique interface, multiple translations and recitations. Start with Bismillah =D
66 2,280
#20. FamilySearch (v0.2.2)
This is a web link to FamilySearch (, the premier website for genealogical research and family history work.
12 2,264
LDS Scriptures
#21. LDS Scriptures (v0.2.2)
This is a web link to the scripture study site at
24 2,218
The Glorious Quran
#22. The Glorious Quran (v1.2)
English Translation of Holy Quran by Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri to download FREE
34 2,078
Sayings of Christ
#23. Sayings of Christ (v1.3)
I hope these words of Jesus Christ inspire and bless each day. Maranatha.
27 1,963
Message for the Day and Soul Sustenance by Brahma Kumaris
9 1,762
Read the Bible
#25. Read the Bible (v0.2)
Northland's Daily Liturgy. Study God's Message to You Often
19 1,708
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