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Find out the most used Chrome Extensions under the Productivity category in Chrome Web Store

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Convertio #126. Convertio (v3.0.4)

Convert files online from one format into another. More than 2500 different conversions supported
39,576 1,006,613

h264ify #127. h264ify (v1.1.0)

Makes YouTube stream H.264 videos instead of VP8/VP9 videos
981 978,186

TeamViewer #128. TeamViewer (v15.0.14842)

TeamViewer - the All-In-One Software for Remote Support and Home Office
975 969,243

Steam Inventory Helper #129. Steam Inventory Helper (v1.17.41)

Improving Steam. Items auto-selling. Lowest prices for games and items. Prices from different sources. And a lot more
7,604 966,104

Pushbullet #130. Pushbullet (v358)

Bringing together your devices, friends, and the things you care about.
5,247 953,261

Microsoft Defender Browser Protection #131. Microsoft Defender Browser Protection (v1.653)

Protect yourself against online threats, like phishing and malicious websites, with real-time protection from Microsoft.
544 926,780

MergeDocsOnline #132. MergeDocsOnline (v13.931.18.8443)

Convert and share PDF files FREE.
54 924,724

Reading mode #133. Reading mode (v2.3.3)

See the web with fresh eyes
25 921,060

Session Buddy #134. Session Buddy (v3.6.4)

Manage Browser Tabs and Bookmarks with Ease
24,357 920,382

Audio Booster #135. Audio Booster (v1.6.3)

Increase audio volume above maximum.
1 913,275

Emoji toolkit #136. Emoji toolkit (v2.11)

All emojis at hand
26 906,246

Colorgrab #137. Colorgrab (v2.42)

Grab colors from any website. Fast and reliable color picker tool
0 905,599

Font Detector #138. Font Detector (v1.0)

Detect fonts used on web pages. Inspect font information.
48 905,543

Easy PiP #139. Easy PiP (v4.13)

Enable picture-in-picture mode for online videos
0 904,726

Getcolor #140. Getcolor (v1.4.20)

Extract colors easily from webpages with color picker tool
0 904,530

PDF Viewer #141. PDF Viewer (v2.3.164)

Uses HTML5 to display PDF files directly in the browser.
2,519 884,490

ExpressVPN: VPN proxy to unblock everything #142. ExpressVPN: VPN proxy to unblock everything (v4.9.3.3602)

Privacy, security, and speed. Control the ExpressVPN app directly from Chrome, spoof your location, and access content anywhere.
699 865,046

AdBlocker Ultimate #143. AdBlocker Ultimate (v3.7.6)

Free and improved AdBlocker. Completely remove ALL ads. No "acceptable" ads or whitelisted advertisers, block tracking and malware!
43,461 839,877

AdBlocker by Trustnav #144. AdBlocker by Trustnav (v2.8.1)

Adblocker by Trustnav is the definitive adblock as it removes popups, annoying banners and video ads.
4,055 836,132

UltraSurf Security, Privacy & Unblock VPN #145. UltraSurf Security, Privacy & Unblock VPN (v1.5.4)

Unblock The Internet With The Flip Of A Switch.
16,865 832,381

Secure Shell App #146. Secure Shell App (v0.33)

Terminal emulator and SSH and SFTP client.
3,135 832,107

PConverter #147. PConverter (v13.931.18.7415)

Access the tools you need to easily convert video, audio and document files - all from one FREE and convenient spot!
80 811,415

Token signing #148. Token signing (v0.0.30)

Use your eID smart card on the web
722 810,007

ImTranslator: Translator, Dictionary, TTS #149. ImTranslator: Translator, Dictionary, TTS (v15.59)

Translator, Dictionary, Voice
4,708 808,350

Google Cast for Education #150. Google Cast for Education (v20.724.0.0)

Share your computer's screen from one Chrome browser to another
313 799,431
Found 41,540 results