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Send & receive SMS on your computer through your Android phone. Take advantage of your full keyboard instead of typing on the phone.
4,928 225,041
#2. TextNow (v2.2.2)
Get your own dedicated phone number to send and receive real unlimited texts, for free.
1,255 63,486
#3. Dialpad (v19.3.5)
Dialpad is communications for the modern workplace.
60 34,368
My IP address
#4. My IP address (v1.0.0.4)
Displays your IP. You can also view physical map of IP.
188 30,932
#5. UberConference (v3.3.1)
We're the stress-free conference call. Never need a PIN. Never ask "who joined" or "who said that?"
165 26,411
#6. My IP (v2.10.3)
The easy way to view your real IP Address!
123 21,352
Free SMS, Text Messaging
Send free text messages. No registration required. Free text message SMS to mobile in North America.
316 16,827
A simple, free and visual conferencing tool. ÜberConference is conference calls done right.
70 16,692
Send a Free Fax now to anywhere in the United States, Canada, and Worldwide. It doesn't matter what country you are in. It's easy.
109 14,987
#10. FireRTC (v0.2.9)
The most convenient way to make phone calls while working or studying. Free phone calls to the US and Canada. No nonsense.
120 10,634
Send and receive SMS instantly. Enjoy SMS capabilities in Google Chrome.
92 10,155
Phone number location & reverse phone lookup. Identify & locate phone number listings. Find name, city, address and more.
253 9,534
This AMR Player allows you to play AMR audio files on your browser directly. and you can convert AMR with WAV format.
47 4,344
My IP Address
#14. My IP Address (v1.0.1)
Shows your current IP address and displays your location on the map.
20 3,806
FluentCloud WebPhone
#15. FluentCloud WebPhone (v4.1.2)
FluentCloud WebPhone is a revolution in business phone communications.
27 3,773
Personlig Sentralbord
4 3,328
Yellow Pages
#17. Yellow Pages (v1.0.1.3)
Yellowpages search to find local businesses. Use to find phone numbers, addresses, maps, street view, driving directions...
20 2,206
SMS Quotes
#18. SMS Quotes (v0.0.0.1)
Compilation of interesting quotes received through mobile sms
12 1,901
Yappy App
#19. Yappy App (v1.1)
Send & Receive text messages from Chrome using your Android phone number
9 1,804
Verto Phone
#20. Verto Phone (v0.4.1)
FreeSWITCH verto phone.
5 1,155
FluentCloud Live Manager
#21. FluentCloud Live Manager (v0.11.37)
FluentCloud Live Monitor allows you to view and manage your calls from Chrome
3 978
#22. WHO CALLED ME ? (v0.1)
United Kingdom's Free Reverse Phone Lookup
6 692
Get a free business account, with 25 free messages, texts, and calls. Send voice broadcasts and text messages online.
12 653
#24. LAN SMS (v1.0.2)
SMS on your computer by pairing to your Android phone! Your phone will need the app 'LAN SMS' for this to function.
10 635
Joiku Apps
#25. Joiku Apps (v4)
Get useful apps for your Android! Enter with your Chrome browser to download innovative free mobile apps from Joiku.
6 591
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