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Sticky Notes
#1. Sticky Notes (v1.18.0.0)
The first, truly sticky app for notes on your desktop! It is easy to manage and customize. Now also supports speech recognition!
902 900,000+
Memo Notepad
#2. Memo Notepad (v0.3.9)
A simple and easy place for your thoughts and notes
2,691 100,000+
Text Editor
#3. Text Editor (v4.0)
Text and code file editor for Google Drive
1,448 100,000+
Scribe Text Editor
A simple lightweight text editor for your desktop.
265 100,000+
Bloc de notas online. Sin registro.
32 70,000+
Notepad With Speech
#6. Notepad With Speech (v1.0.1.8)
This notepad is a rich text editor based on HTML5 technology. Support speech-input for Chrome.
310 50,000+
Dead simple note taking. With offline access and notifications.
410 30,000+
#8. Notebook (v5)
Simple notebook
157 30,000+
Heap Note
#9. Heap Note (v1.23)
Easy Organizer - notes, tasks, schedule in one place - save time for more important things in your life!
511 20,000+
Text Editor for Drive
#10. Text Editor for Drive (v1.0.1.4)
A powerful and lightweight Text editor, extractor for Google Drive. It allow you to edit the Text file, Extract text from file.
334 20,000+
Notty Notes
#11. Notty Notes (v1.6)
One of The Best Sticky Notes For Your Broswer
233 20,000+
This is a sticky notes app with date countdown
107 20,000+
#13. somnote (v1.0.0.3)
“Note something” Somnote is a free, simple, and easy-to-use note taking app.
91 20,000+
#14. Notepad (v1.0.4)
A light-weight notetaking tool.
71 20,000+
Sticky Notes
#15. Sticky Notes (v1.1.2)
Simple and light weight Sticky Notes App. To remind your works
50 20,000+
#16. Scratchpad (v1.0.0)
Super basic text editor
18 20,000+
Anyfile Notepad
#17. Anyfile Notepad (v5.2)
Anyfile Notepad is a Google Drive compatible app that let's you open any type of files on Google Drive and Dropbox.
915 10,000+
This is the simplest and slickest Markdown editor. Just write Markdown and see what it looks like as you type.
170 10,000+
Note Easy
#19. Note Easy (v4.4)
Write notes on a notepad.
84 10,000+
#20. lino (v1.0.0.1)
lino is an online web sticky note service.
46 10,000+
#21. Notepad (v1.1)
33 10,000+
Text, PDF, DOC, ODT comparison, Compare strings using Diff tools. This tools was designed to help compare two texts, files quickly.
27 9,000+
#23. MomoNote (v2.1)
MomoNote is a personal memo application for the Web and iPhone/iPad.
73 7,000+
Notepad List
#24. Notepad List (v1.0)
A handy app for storing and sharing notes online.
61 6,000+
#25. NoteBook (v4.3.0)
Keep your notes, tasks, schedule with labels, and stay clean, elegant and secure
55 6,000+
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