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Google News
#1. Google News (v3.1.1)
Search thousands of news stories
2,109 800,889
#2. feedly (v35)
All your favorite sites in one place.
73,094 693,360
The content reader for power users who want to save time
1,929 59,896
Good News
#4. Good News (v4.3.100)
Your personal news stream. Helps you discover and share the latest news on your favorite topics from the sources you trust.
2,887 59,755
Podcast App
#5. Podcast App (v1.0.1.8)
Most popular podcast form the Worldwide Podcasts, Podcast Awards, iTunes Top Podcasts, and NPR. Listen to them in your browser.
217 38,371
더 편리한 뉴스
매일매일 신선한 소식을 보다 빠르고 편하게 만나보세요 - 뉴스zum
4 23,066
World News
#7. World News (v1.0.1.4)
Displays the latest stories from Google News & Yahoo News feeds. Lightweight and easy to use World News.
50 17,617
US Local News & Weather
Provides quick access to the top news & weather for the City, State of US. The fastest news reader for the City, State of US.
33 12,080
Batman News
#9. Batman News (v2)
The Premiere Source For All Things Batman
124 9,975
3 7,297
RSS Merge & Reader
#11. RSS Merge & Reader (v1.0.1.1)
RSS Feed Reader. and YouTube Channels, Reddit Articles Reader. You'll be able to read a single rss feed by merging RSS feeds.
74 6,373
#12. Hash (v1.0)
Aggregating popular tweets about the day’s most topical stories, Hash is a simple way for everyone to catch up on global events.
79 6,218
Audio podcast player brings you 15000+ channels across 50+ topics !
46 5,581
Daily Headline News TV
#14. Daily Headline News TV (v1.0.1.4)
Get live breaking national and world news. Daily News TV keeps you up-to-date on the latest TV news.
26 4,374
#15. 株のニュース (v5.23)
4 3,402
#16. Feedspot (v1)
A fast, free, modern RSS Reader. A Solid Google Reader Replacement With Built-In Search And Social Sharing.
114 3,401
Comptoir de l'Info
#17. Comptoir de l'Info (v1.2.0)
Le Comptoir de l'Info vous permet de consulter en temps réel les actualités de plusieurs centaines de sites francophones.
8 3,272
#18. ニュース (v2.1)
3 3,142
NewsTab: My Daily News
Follow local news in 130 regions worldwide (RSS feeds, Google News, Twitter)
32 3,123
Fast, clean and unique feed reader
37 2,409
Minimal, offline-enabled RSS Feed Reader
31 1,990
zzllrr RSS Reader (Local)
#23. zzllrr RSS Reader (Local) (v2019.4.4)
Fast & free RSS/ATOM/OPML news feed reader by zzllrr. Non-signup, non-webbased! Easy to use even when offline or on intranet.
49 1,980
#24. Engadget (v0.9.1.7)
Engadget News reader, is a web magazine app with obsessive daily coverage
27 1,878
#25. Home (v1.0)
My page on netvibes
14 1,571
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