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Google News
#1. Google News (v3.1.1)
Search thousands of news stories
2,117 868,396
#2. feedly (v35)
All your favorite sites in one place.
73,246 764,091
The world's most interactive and user-friendly weather map from Weather Underground has gone full screen.
4,150 719,327
Adds one-click subscription to your toolbar.
5,151 651,881
RSS Feed Reader
#5. RSS Feed Reader (v7.7.5)
Get a simple overview of your RSS and Atom feeds in the toolbar
7,039 619,574
#6. Gismeteo (v3.1.8)
Gismeteo Weather Forecast. Real time weather and detailed forecast all round the world
4,753 488,383
Weather Underground provides weather information for worldwide locations.
2,677 390,159
Yahoo Homepage
#8. Yahoo Homepage (v2.0.7)
Get daily top headlines when opening your browser! This extension automatically sets as your homepage and new tab page.
53 331,371
World TV in your Google chrome browser.
4,212 290,282
#10. TV (v3.9.1)
Huge collection of Live Internet TV channels from all over the world. Online TV / Television
1,740 275,705
Orange page d'accueil
#11. Orange page d'accueil (v1.0.0.3)
L'actualité et les offres de smartphones et d'Internet mobile sur le réseau n°1 à l'ouverture de votre navigateur !
3 245,488
Feedly Mini
#12. Feedly Mini (v50)
Easily add content to your Feedly while browsing
34,542 188,212
Enjoy one-click access to the latest news, including breaking updates, national and local events, entertainment and more!
28 176,714
#14. Weather (v2.0.6.6)
Hands down, the best way to get your weather in Chrome!
2,771 160,330
#15. Weather (v5.0.7)
The best way to see the Weather right in your browser. Easier than looking outside!
5,351 154,498
Radioplayer UK
#16. Radioplayer UK (v1.2.4)
UK Radio in one place. Live, catch-up and podcasts from 500 stations: news, sport, and music from pop, rock, and jazz to classical.
284 150,055
My Global Scoop
#17. My Global Scoop (v1.2)
My Global Scoop
1 135,595
Pocket Must Reads
#18. Pocket Must Reads (v1.2.8.0)
Discover fascinating articles every time you open a new tab.
160 118,778
Rain Alarm
#19. Rain Alarm (v1.3.1)
This weather app warns you when rain is currently nearing.
858 87,635
Get the latest spotlight science and technology news from
27 78,188
Rain Alarm Extension
#21. Rain Alarm Extension (v1.5.3)
This weather extension warns you when rain is currently nearing.
442 75,775
World Weather Forecast
#22. World Weather Forecast (v2.0.3.4)
Worldwide, US, Europe.. Weather forecast, current weather in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Weather map to view meteorological conditions.
5,925 68,269
Fox News
#23. Fox News (v2.4.4)
The official Fox News extension for Google Chrome lets you follow our most popular news before anyone else.
894 67,213
US Weather Radar
#24. US Weather Radar (v1.8.1)
US Weather Radar, Weather and Precipitation Forecast, Alerts, Webcams, Meteograms, Traffic, Clouds, KML overlay and much more.
187 67,023
Read the web with MagicScroll
188 64,423
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