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Google Finance
#1. Google Finance (v1.3)
Financial news, quotes, charts, and more.
1,040 446,054
The best stock charts and a community of investors who are passionate about sharing trading ideas.
221 54,905
Personal finance service that keeps track of your spendings, incomes and savings.
213 33,614
#4. Goodbudget (v2.0.0.0)
An online budgeting tool to help you budget well, live life, and do good.
135 22,871
Time machine for your money. Reflect on your past, understand current spending, see the future.
111 21,720
KeepKey Client
#6. KeepKey Client (v6.4.0.1)
A simple cryptocurrency wallet that integrates with the KeepKey device
109 19,702
Cash Organizer
#7. Cash Organizer (v3.2.451)
Manage your finances online and offline with your family or co-workers: home, at work and on the go. For Windows/MacOS X/Android/iOS
79 15,043
Toshl Finance
#8. Toshl Finance (v2.0.1)
Know your finances. Have fun. Track your expenses, organize bills and budget. Personal finance the easy way.
158 14,669
#9. Organizze (v3.0)
Sistema online para controle financeiro. Fácil de usar e seguro.
95 12,267
#10. 模擬股市 (v1.0.0.0)
91 10,324
#11. CashControl (v1.8)
Use CashControl to take control of your finances and save more.
82 8,463
Stock Market Game
#12. Stock Market Game (v3.1)
Practice your trading skills. Get fake money to invest in real companies
44 7,966
#13. Cargly (v1.4)
Simple vehicle management. Track your car maintenance and fuel efficiency from any web browser.
67 4,713
4D Currency Converter
#14. 4D Currency Converter (v0.2.1)
Real-time currency converter built for Chrome OS and Chrome
59 4,150
#15. Stocks (v1.1.5)
Stock Quotes
20 4,058
Finance and Investing Tools
The 20 finance and investing tools. Live Forex Currency, Live Currency Cross Rates, Live Indices, Live Commodities and more.
20 3,176
試用帳號:demo 密碼:123456. 這是一套以雲端為基礎的跨平台智慧帳務工具。同時也有iOS及Android App,讓您隨時都能掌握個人財務狀況。
11 3,138
#18. Splitwise (v2.0)
Share bills and IOUs. Make sure everyone gets paid back.
19 2,978
#19. (v1.1)
The simplest, most effective personal money management tool you'll find online. And it's free!
4 2,917
#20. FileThis (v1.0.5.1)
Gathers your online statements and bills from banks, insurance and utility companies and stores them in places such as Google Drive.
18 2,088
Contabilidad Domestica
Contabilidad domestica gratuita de Gabilos Software
15 1,737
#22. ECナビ (v1.0.0)
15 1,698
#23. Fintonic (v0.0.2.0)
Tus cuentas en forma
22 1,550
Mobills Controle Financeiro
Controle seu dinheiro e realize seus sonhos com Mobills, o mais simples e completo aplicativo de controle financeiro pessoal.
24 1,355
Gestisci il Bilancio Familiare Online in poche e semplici mosse. Il programma è molto semplice da utilizzare, gratuito e anonimo
9 1,290