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Offline Solitaire
A Solitaire (Klondike) game that can be played with no internet connection.
879 200,000+
#2. GPemu (v1.2.7)
A video game emulator for Chrome supporting NES, SNES, Gameboy, and Gameboy Advance ROMs.
715 100,000+
Pocket Legends
#3. Pocket Legends (v2.2.4)
Launch Arrows, Hurl Fireballs, And Swing A Mighty Axe! Explore the fantasy themed desktop and mobile MMO Pocket Legends for FREE!
4,237 70,000+
#4. VBA-M (v1.3.7)
A native GBA emulator for Chrome
959 50,000+
Pinturillo 2
#5. Pinturillo 2 (v1.19)
The draw and guessing game more popular at the time with more than 2 million players per month.
200 50,000+
Star Legends
#6. Star Legends (v2.2.4)
Big Lasers, Killer Aliens, & Crazy Robots! Star Legends is a FREE sci-fi desktop and mobile MMO from the makers of Pocket Legends.
1,979 40,000+
#7. Googulator (v1.0.5)
A gameboy emulator that runs directly inside chrome!
662 40,000+
Shopping Mall Parking
Park the car on this shopping mall parking as quick as you can.
311 30,000+
Clicking Speed Test
#9. Clicking Speed Test (v3.1.1)
Take the Clicking Speed Test and see how fast you can click the mouse! Can you beat your friends? Visit
189 30,000+
x86 emulator with DOS for Google Chrome™
245 20,000+
Online webbrowser strategy game in a post apocolypitic world. Can you keep your town save from disaster?.
226 20,000+
Rioluvania Fight (V1.0)
#12. Rioluvania Fight (V1.0) (v1.0.0.0)
do you wanna have a bad time? 'cause if you play this game... you are REALLY not going to like what happens next.
130 20,000+
Jet Attack!
#13. Jet Attack! (v1.2.0)
Use yer jets to knock the enemy down!
123 10,000+
Fly over mountains, valleys, waterfalls, and canyons.
188 10,000+
Emulator of NES, Super Nintendo, Sega Mega and GameBoy video consoles. Open a ROM file from computer, URL or from Google Drive.
135 10,000+
Super Nintendo Emulator SNES (snes9x)
108 10,000+
#17. Squitten (v3)
Squitten v3
77 10,000+
America Boy Player
#18. America Boy Player (v1.2.7)
A video game emulator for Chrome supporting NES, SNES, Gameboy, and Gameboy Advance ROMs.
27 10,000+
VeryDoge a very doge game
Help Doge catch much coins. wow!
91 6,000+
Инди Кот
#20. Инди Кот (v1.3)
Инди Кот и Клубок Судьбы - бесплатная сингловая онлайн-игра в жанре "Три в ряд" (match-3). Великолепная графика, продуманный…
15 6,000+
CD's N64
#21. CD's N64 (v38)
The one and only Nintendo 64 emulator for Chrome OS!
328 5,000+
Clash Royale Deck Guide is a app which stands for the community of Clash Royale, a game made by SuperCell. At card deck, you can…
94 5,000+
#23. YAHTZEE (v1.1.0.0)
The classic game YAHTZEE. Play against a computer player and see who can get the highest score.
41 5,000+
aliza's game
#24. aliza's game (v1.0.0.1)
epic sans game meme thing. xd
83 4,000+
#25. ChroNDS (v1.6)
A working Nintendo DS emulator for your Chromebook!
132 4,000+
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