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Watch Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu and HBO in sync with friends
4,283 10,000,000+
Fun custom cursors for Chrome™. Use a large collection of free cursors or upload your own.
18,835 4,777,535
Virtual Green Screens, Blur, Pixelate, Inverse, Contrast and More!
1,453 2,529,333
Player para ver Movistar+
Utilice la extensión para acceder a los contenidos de Movistar+ desde Chrome.
2,386 2,308,252
Play with little shimejis while browsing the web.
1,350 1,592,767
Enhance your YouTube watching experience! Cinema Mode, Mouse Wheel Volume Control, AutoHD, Expand, Snapshots …
129,701 1,237,126
Boxel Rebound
#7. Boxel Rebound (v1.7.6.6)
Play over 50 levels of box-jumping madness! Design and share your own levels.
4,735 1,228,692
#8. FrankerFaceZ (v1.57)
Use a variety of unique faces on Twitch!
583 1,075,384
Enjoy thousands of free games from with this Edge extension!
215 975,206
Receive a message from a native application.
1,201 959,221
If you love Anime, This New Tab Extension Is Just For You: Anime Themes And Additional Awesome Settings
15 912,656
Web Paint
#12. Web Paint (v1.3.3)
Draw shapes, lines, and add text to live web pages and take screenshot.
644 829,546
TelevisionFanatic (BETA)
#13. TelevisionFanatic (BETA) (v13.962.19.19222)
Thousands of recently aired episodes of your favorite shows – all in one convenient spot!
498 825,170
Best Mouse Cursor
#14. Best Mouse Cursor (v1.2)
Mouse Cursor - choose from a huge collection of cursors or upload your own
47 816,570
#15. TelevisionFanatic (v13.962.19.39274)
Thousands of episodes of your favorite shows with this Chrome New Tab Extension.
47 693,897
#16. WebmailWorld (v13.958.19.9045)
Checking your email is as easy as 1-2-3 with webmail access from one convenient place!
36 640,673
Movies New Tab
#17. Movies New Tab (v3.0.1)
Provides movie theme new tab page.
10 632,066
#18. MyScrapNook (v13.958.19.16748)
Get one click access to beautiful scrapbook templates, layouts, photo filters, glitter glue and more – all in one convenient spot.
216 592,218
2048 Game
#19. 2048 Game (v3.2.3)
2048 - Now You Can Play The Famous 2048 Puzzle Game Directly From Chrome Browser!
184 558,456
Allows CPRewritten to automatically run Flash Player
83 520,273
FilmFanatic (BETA)
#21. FilmFanatic (BETA) (v13.960.19.9191)
You can now enjoy one-click access to the latest movie reviews, film trailers, entertainment news and more in one convenient spot!
303 516,369
Cats New Tab Page
#22. Cats New Tab Page (v2.2.7)
Install Cats New Tab to get cool features, HD Cats wallpapers and eventually better browsing experience, make your Chrome awesome!
11,094 489,972
EQ any audio you find on the web, live! Crank the bass, dim the highs, up the vocals: all with Ears!
3,131 453,004
#24. 2048 (v1.1.0.46)
Play original 2048 puzzle game in popup anytime you want!
2,102 441,248
РуТрекер: комфортная работа с зеркалами, поиск, доступ к и пр.
124 434,222
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