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Google Groups
#1. Google Groups (v1.4)
The new Google Groups is an improved way to participate in online discussions.
372 213,208
#2. iCloud (v1.2.2)
Launcher Icon - iCloud. The easiest way to access your account on iCloud, without the need to type anything.
584 194,333
Browse and manage your Google Contacts easily with Google Contacs Wrapper
100 47,364
Zoho Mail
#4. Zoho Mail (v1.3)
Email Designed With Business Users In Mind.
170 33,739
Access your email via Gmail Inbox directly with this app
180 20,787
This viewer allows you to view and print VCF (vCard) files, as well as convert a VCF file to CSV spreadsheet formats.
13 13,966
App for
Wraps in a Google Chrome App so it can be used as if it were a native app on any OS.
82 13,014
View e-mail messages in EML, MSG and winmail.dat formats, access e-mail file attachments
63 12,180
Mail to PDF, Print
#9. Mail to PDF, Print (v1.0.2.4)
Allows you to create a PDF and Print from selected Gmail messages. PDF is stored in Google Drive, and you can print it directly.
156 9,925
Map My Contacts
#10. Map My Contacts (v1)
Visualize the location of your Google Contacts on a Google Map. The Google Contact add-on uses an open-source Google Script to…
38 7,343
Text to MP3, Audio to Mail
Convert multiple language (English..) text into MP3 audio. You can listen, download, and email it using your Gmail account.
69 7,027
Email Verifier
#12. Email Verifier (v1.0.0)
Free email verification tool
18 6,441
Contacts Sort App
#13. Contacts Sort App (v1.0.2)
Sort your Gmail contacts by last modified, sort by any date range, sort by company name and see your contacts in a single page.…
27 5,921
Aggregate and sync your contacts across your team and devices. Perfect for personal, business and enterprise use. It just works.
56 5,486
Cloud Drive to Mail
#15. Cloud Drive to Mail (v1.0.1.6)
This is a tool that allows you to send a mail with your Google Drive files using Gmail account. It's safe, fast and reliable.
162 4,940
A free email signature generator
15 4,694
My Roundcube webmail
A chrome app link to your Roundcube installation.
28 3,902
Color Mail
#18. Color Mail (v1)
An easy tool to help you send colour styled emails to your friends for occasions.
27 3,611
Greetings Card of the Day
New, beautiful, and thoughtful greetings card for every special events of the year including Birthday, Anniversary, Family, Love...
15 3,086
Provide a free, simple file converter. Convert any document, archive, spreadsheet, audio and video file from one format to another.
30 3,033
#21. Mailstrom (v1.0)
Inbox zero is now within reach! Power through thousands of messages in just a few clicks.
26 2,751
Remove spam and virus before they reach your phone, server or computer.
31 2,544
Zoho ContactManager
Zoho ContactManager, an online contact management software that captures interactions with all your contacts.
14 2,514
Get access to your email, contacts, calendar, and office online apps across multiple accounts.
20 2,486
#25. mailmaker (v1.5)
Create a web newsletter, quickly.
15 1,876
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