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SketchUp for Schools
SketchUp in a browser for Primary and Secondary Schools signed up with G Suite for Education.
118 2,000,000+
Texthelp PDF Reader App
#2. Texthelp PDF Reader App (v1.0.0.11)
Experience PDFs in a whole new way with Texthelp’s new PDF Reader.
83 2,000,000+
Access the largest human-narrated audiobook library, including key features for students with print disabilities
36 2,000,000+
The LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 Programming App simplifies student access to, and promotes their engagement with, STEM subjects.
78 1,000,000+
HMH Player
#5. HMH Player (v4.0.1)
The HMH Player® app** bridges formal and informal learning time, redefining digital and classroom instruction as we know it. With…
38 1,000,000+
#6. SPARKvue (v4.7.0.17)
SPARKvue Chrome App
37 1,000,000+
WeDo 2.0 LEGO® Education
#7. WeDo 2.0 LEGO® Education (v1.9.584.584)
The LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 App allows students to explore great science projects.
38 1,000,000+
Riverside DataManager
#8. Riverside DataManager (v0.0.0.10)
Riverside DataManager
3 1,000,000+
Co:Writer Universal (App)
Word prediction that is grammar smart and inventive spelling aware. Speech recognition allows you to speak it, and we'll write it.
28 800,000+
ClassLink LaunchPad
#10. ClassLink LaunchPad (v1.0.0)
Your Cloud, One Login.
25 800,000+
Kite Student Portal
#11. Kite Student Portal (v8.0.0)
Does your organization use Kite to administer assessments? Download the Kite Student Portal to set up your Chromebook for testing.…
11 800,000+
Imagine Learning Student
#12. Imagine Learning Student (v3.129.5182)
Students can get access to Imagine Español® and Imagine Language & Literacy® through the Imagine Learning Student app.
1 800,000+
IPEVO Visualizer
#13. IPEVO Visualizer (v1.0.3.20)
Visualizer allows your USB camera to capture and present class work easily.
16 700,000+
Geoboard is a tool for exploring a variety of mathematical topics introduced in the elementary and middle grades.
23 500,000+
Epson iProjection
#15. Epson iProjection (v2.1.0)
Epson iProjection for Chromebook™ is an intuitive mobile projection app that enables wireless projection from a Chromebook™ to an…
63 400,000+
Discovery  Education
#16. Discovery Education (v1.0.1)
Explore your curiousity!
22 400,000+
Visualize and understand number values and relationships
11 400,000+
#18. SecureTestBrowser (v7.0.0.1)
Platform for delivering secure assessments
6 400,000+
Number Line helps students visualize number sequences and demonstrate strategies for counting, comparing, and arithmetic.
11 300,000+
Helps students structure numbers to five, ten, twenty, and a hundred. Students grow from 1-by-1 counts to more efficient approaches.
8 300,000+
Fractions lets students use a bar or circle to represent fractions.
9 300,000+
Students use Pattern Shapes to explore geometry and fractions, create their own designs, or fill in outlines.
7 300,000+
Develop number sense and explore addition and subtraction strategies.
5 300,000+
The TI-84 Plus CE App for Chrome OS extends the use of TI’s trusted, familiar calculator to help students learn and understand math.
6 300,000+
The Impero Education Pro Chrome Extension enables you to manage and control devices running Google Chrome OS on your network…
1 300,000+
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