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#1. Dictionary (v1.1)
America's most useful and respected dictionary!
218 240,867
Offline Dictionary
#2. Offline Dictionary (v1.0.2)
An offline dictionary based on Wiktionary.
531 54,884
アルクのウェブサイトにて公開しているオンライン英和・和英データベース「英辞郎 on the WEB」の有料版「英辞郎 on the WEB Pro」を Google Chrome でより快適にお使いいただけるアプリです。
52 29,245
Halo Word Dictionary
#4. Halo Word Dictionary (v0.6.12)
1,300 22,233
Medical Dictionary & News
Medical Dictionary is an excellent tools for you to check out the medical terms, information & medical news for reading and study.
45 10,144
French Dictionary
#6. French Dictionary (v1.0.1.7)
Instant & reliable French, English, Spanish, Russian Dictionary. Explains the meaning of words. Listen to the word pronunciation.
35 10,111
Spanish Central
#7. Spanish Central (v1.1)
A new, free site designed especially for Spanish language learners!
7 9,812
The largest, most comprehensive American dictionary currently available!
21 9,547
Sinonimi Contrari
Dizionario dei sinonimi e contrari della lingua italiana
39 9,156
Learner's Dictionary
The best dictionary available for English language learners!
16 8,851
#11. Dictionary (v1.1.0)
Simple but Powerful Dictionary
70 8,223
Traductor Español
#12. Traductor Español (v2.0.0)
Traductor Español - Traducir español a otros idiomas.
131 6,859
Deutsch Übersetzer
#13. Deutsch Übersetzer (v2.0.0)
Deutsch Übersetzer - Übersetzen von text in andere sprachen.
116 6,666
English Dictionary
#14. English Dictionary (v1.0.1.7)
Fast & Free Dictionary, an instant and reliable English Dictionary. It gives you word definitions at your fingertips in seconds.
35 6,293
Easy to use comprehensive English-French Dictionary
22 5,270
Free Translator
#16. Free Translator (v1.0.2)
Free Translator helps you interpret or convert a text to a language of your choice.
145 4,701
El Sinonimo
#17. El Sinonimo (v1.1)
El diccionario de sinónimos de la lengua española
17 4,481
Easy to use comprehensive English-Korean Dictionary
19 4,123
한국 영어 번역
#19. 한국 영어 번역 (v2.0.1)
한국어 번역 - 다른 언어로 텍스트를 번역합니다.
66 4,118
Food Dictionary
#20. Food Dictionary (v1.0.1)
Food Dictionary contains information of the food you need from A to Z. Be well informed about your food, choose your food smartly!
152 4,108
Look up Mandarin Chinese words instantly in Chinese Tutor's Dictionary. Search by Hanzi characters, Pinyin, or English.
12 3,951
#22. Enjad (v1.2)
Simple English-Japanese Dictionary, works OFFLINE. So quickly. Both Webspeech typing and listening pronunciation available.
11 3,091
#23. スペイン語翻訳 (v1.0.1)
19 2,560
Dịch Việt Anh
#24. Dịch Việt Anh (v2.0.2)
Dịch văn bản sang ngôn ngữ khác.
59 2,295
Le site linguistique Traduction du français au français traduit le français du Québec au français de France.
18 2,243
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