Chrome extensions by categories

503 results
#1. Jamboard (v0.2)
Create and edit Jams
89 1,011,687
Theme Creator
#2. Theme Creator (v2.6)
Chrome Theme Creator, create and share Chrome themes online.
6,384 694,990
#3. MindMeister (v2.2.1)
Create, edit and share mind maps online. Also works with Google Drive!
1,019 466,909
Service for creating stunning floor plans and interior designs without any special skills
7,151 445,939
#5. Floorplanner (v14)
The easiest way to create floor plans
1,976 414,573
#6. Sketchpad (v3.5.9)
Draw, sketch, create with Sketchpad.
2,372 370,399
#7. 3DTin (v1.1)
3D modeling in browser
2,002 286,116
Loupe Collage
#8. Loupe Collage (v3.1.0)
Shape your photos the way you want in seconds
1,277 258,426
Design your rooms in realistic 3D for free with Roomstyler
1,364 220,684
#10. Canva (v0.0.0.7)
Amazingly simple graphic design
465 211,381
Sketchpad 3.5
#11. Sketchpad 3.5 (v3.5.2.23)
Draw, Create, Share!
716 188,611
Zero-friction, collaborative, free online mind mapping integrated with Google Drive and Google Photos.
544 180,850
Visual project management tool. Develop your ideas and projects with online whiteboard.
637 160,185
Collaborative mind mapping: Real-time brainstorming, add images, Drive support, save mind maps as PDF, Image, .mm, text.
404 149,039
The best HTML5 app for creating crisp mockups, wireframes & interactive prototypes.
298 121,259
Explore your Creativity. Drawing application with a number of cool brushes, symmetry modes, sharing features. Inspired by Harmony.
1,808 110,026
Weebly - Website Builder
Easily create a free site, blog or online store. No technical skills required. Hosting included.
1,283 107,211
GIMP on rollApp
#18. GIMP on rollApp (v1.2)
Extremely powerful graphics editor (alternative for Adobe Photoshop). Great for retouching and image authoring. Powered by rollApp.
920 98,938
#19. Tinkercad (v2.0.1)
Tinkercad - a browser based CAD for 3D printing.
51 95,832
#20. PaintZ (v3.2)
Create and edit drawings.
194 91,963
Real-time collaboration on mind maps, concept maps and outlines. Works with Google Drive.
301 88,171
#22. Piktochart (v5.0.11)
Piktochart is an all-in-one visual communication maker
104 86,606
#23. AudioRecorder (v0.12)
Record audio, and then save as a wav file. This is an (almost) exact replica of AudioRecorder:
238 83,714
AutoCAD, DXF and DWG Viewer for Google Drive. It is a tool that allows you to view CAD files (DXF, DWG...) in your browser.
1,223 82,659
Vector Paint
#25. Vector Paint (v3.2.0.0)
Create vector artwork with this free app.
723 81,235