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Viewer for Microsoft Project: Open/Print MPP Files without MS Project.Supports MS Project 2013,2010 plus all prior ver
184 153,195
Calendar Clock
#2. Calendar Clock (v0.12.1)
A convenient calendar and clock widget.
559 152,699
Clean Google Calendar
An interface for Google Calendar that makes it more straightforward and enjoyable to use
172 90,165
Zoho Calendar
#4. Zoho Calendar (v1.2)
Online Calendaring. Quick and Easy
69 30,786
Windowed Calendar for Google calendar is a stand-alone application for accessing your Google calendar.
41 14,920
Owl Reminder can connect your Google Calendar and provide desktop notification for events. Compared with existing solutions it has…
76 12,283
Plan church services, schedule volunteers, and rehearse music
49 9,960
Effortless appointment scheduling for the health and beauty service industry.
40 8,454
You are not just buying an app. We give you 100% cash-back guarantee. Please send us an email or leave a note on our blogpost with…
89 8,451
Break Reminder
#10. Break Reminder (v6)
This is a simple app for setting up repeating notifications or reminders. Perfect for reminding yourself of taking hourly breaks or…
47 6,859
Prayers Gadget
#11. Prayers Gadget (v2.0)
Islamic prayer times for the Desktop
84 6,343
FreeBusy eliminates the back-and-forth needed to find out when business partners or friends are available for a meeting
11 4,187
Ref Holiday Calendar
#13. Ref Holiday Calendar (v2.0.4)
Simple Reference Calendar that highlights 'Today' and contains color coded Holidays: US, International, Jewish, Muslim, Christian
13 3,936
Create an event in Google Calendar with Google Drive files. You can directly add a Google Calendar's event with your Drive.
137 3,033
#15. GTimeReport (v1.2.12.0)
Export your Google Calendar to Excel and Google Docs Spreadsheets. Create a time report from your calendars in a few clicks.
20 2,916
Today's Date
#17. Today's Date (v1.0.0.0)
Today's date, week, day of the week, the roman year, how many days left to new year and some other fun info...
7 2,056
Hassle-free weekly employee status reports. Share key goals, accomplishments and challenges with your team.
5 2,002
This app will help you keep track of time, including the lunar phases.
15 1,934
Staff Planning and Employee Scheduling - Schedule it Pro
8 1,856
Browse the Jewish holidays and Shabbath times on a Gregorian calendar
14 1,587
OpenTouch Meeting Manager
#23. OpenTouch Meeting Manager (v2.20.6203)
OpenTouch Meeting Manager is a Google Chrome packaged app for scheduling meetings
19 1,548
Add an easy-to-use online reservation system to your own site. The basic version is free.
11 1,471
Calendar Tools
#25. Calendar Tools (v22)
Lets you to filter, search, export agenda reports to pdf, xlsx, bulk delete different events of your Google calendar. Trial…
5 1,217
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