Chrome extensions by categories

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#1. Calculator (v4.5.5)
Calculator for Chrome!
722 907,834
#2. Calculator (v1.1.0)
Scientific Calculator / Calc
1,668 408,772
Powerful calculator and converter for Chrome. The easiest way to calculate. Works offline
2,941 362,285
Scientific Calculator
A powerful, programmable, scientific calculator.
700 355,558
#5. MathStudio (v6.4)
Math for the modern web browser.
31 181,491
#6. CircuitLab (v0.0.0.8)
Schematic editor and circuit simulator.
475 116,965
Currency Converter
#7. Currency Converter (v1.0.4)
Convert your money in an easy way based on hourly updated currency exchange rates.
172 40,974
Melanto Calculator
#8. Melanto Calculator (v4.0.0.0)
One different calculator app...
138 35,141
#9. Calculator (v3.1.0.0)
One different scientific calculator (desktop version)...
40 30,921
Unit Convertor
#10. Unit Convertor (v1.9)
A must have utility that helps you convert between different units of measurement.
76 26,952
Free calculator, unit converter for general, students, Mathematics, Engineering. Easy-to-use General or Scientific Calculator.
43 20,404
Simple Calc
#12. Simple Calc (v2.0.1)
Simple calculator with advanced features. Offline and panel mode support.
42 20,363
Simple Calculator
#13. Simple Calculator (v1.3.2)
Just a Calculator, Simple to use, and 100% offline
25 12,217
Basic Calculator
#14. Basic Calculator (v0.1.1)
A calculator to perform simple math operations. Source code:
11 9,854
Calculator XL
#15. Calculator XL (v0.8)
Calculator XL gives you the gold standard of calculator with big buttons!
33 9,075
If you work in the wireless networking industry then this app will help you out.
71 8,358
#17. EdisonCloud (v1.0.0.6)
Web-based 3D Lab for Exploring Electricity & Electronics
16 7,903
AV Tools
#18. AV Tools (v1.4.2)
Be an audio visual pro wherever you go with AV Tools
41 7,902
#19. Calculator (v2.0.0)
A simple calculator that remembers your last calculation. You can close it at any time and reopen it without losing your work.
7 4,966
#20. TINACloud (v1.0.0.24)
Web-based Circuit Design and Analysis
31 4,958
Unit Converter
#21. Unit Converter (v1.0.4)
Convert units in easy way.
11 4,035
A programmer's calculator that supports 8, 16, 32, and 64-bit signed and unsigned numbers.
13 3,910
#23. Calculator (v1.1)
Powerful calculator and converter for Chrome. The easiest way to calculate.
21 2,851
Magic Calculators
#24. Magic Calculators (v2.3.1.4)
430 Calculators!! Free financial, health, conversions, fun, scientific, math calculators for anything and everything.
12 2,851
RPN Calculator
#25. RPN Calculator (v1.0.0.4)
A simple RPN calculator application; opens in a popup window.
31 2,564
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