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#1. Symbaloo (v2.2)
Symbaloo is a visual way to navigate the Internet. This app will soon be replaced. Follow instructions for updating.
103 72,709
Bookmax - Online Bookmark Manager. Saving and Sharing Bookmarks and other data.
287 29,778
New Tab Plus(APP)
#3. New Tab Plus(APP) (v4.8.2)
New Tab Plus offers several features such as speed dial,cloud addition,and cloud backup to enhance the original New Tab.
1,843 25,174
Dewey Bookmarks
#4. Dewey Bookmarks (v4.0.0)
Dewey adds custom tags, screenshots, and smarter search to your Chrome bookmarks.
422 24,727
Papaly Bookmark Manager
Papaly's Chrome Application that helps with Bookmark Organization across all platforms
238 20,181
#6. Bookmarks (v1.3)
Opens Bookmarks tab in single click from new tab and context menu. Options available to remove it from context menu
195 20,079
Atavi bookmarks
#7. Atavi bookmarks (v1.0.2)
Visual bookmarks, bookmarks sync across various browsers and absolute safety for your bookmarks
228 12,736
Manchester United
Manchester United Fixtures and Results - OFFICIAL
179 11,247
A simple bookmarking tool that makes it easy to save, organize and share your favorite web pages.
112 9,513
Speed Dial 3™(APP)
#10. Speed Dial 3™(APP) (v1.7.9)
Speed Dial 3™ offers speed dial, and quick access to your APPS, bookmarks and history.
168 9,504
Закладки и экспресс панель в облаке
268 6,255
Lightning Speed Dial
#12. Lightning Speed Dial (v1.5.6)
A speed, delicate, fashion, flat design of the Chrome new tab.
309 6,165
FVDtab speed dial
#13. FVDtab speed dial (v1.1.4)
FVDtab speed dial offers speed dial, and quick access to your APPS, bookmarks and history.
169 4,714
#14. (v0.1)
Anime Serien Stream kostenlos und legal
67 4,108
Bookmark Manager
#15. Bookmark Manager (v1.0)
Bookmark OS is like Mac or Windows custom tailored for bookmarks
18 2,428
A simple bookmarking tool that allows you to save any web page and read it later on any device.
14 2,065
Galaxy New Tab(App)
#17. Galaxy New Tab(App) (v1.0.9)
New tab page for Galaxy style is based on HTML5,Custom backgrounds, dials, give a feeling as if using Galaxy.
108 1,816
Qileke is amazing ! You can make collections for almost everthing online:websties,webpages,videos,even some flash games,etc.
53 769
Arrange the Bookmark
3 754
#20. HDFC Life (v0.0.0.2)
HDFC Life is an Indian private life insurance company.
9 723
#21. Gfave (v1.0.0.0)
Access all of Google's amazing products, services and control panels from one easy place.
4 593
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#23. Axlg (v1.1)
Shortcut to (Free Chrome Themes Website)
7 515
Speed Dial with Drive
#24. Speed Dial with Drive (v1.0.3.3)
Speed dial of your favorite sites and Google Drive's file. Provides real-time top websites based on the number of people in the US.
26 439
#25. MyConnect (v1.0)
A shortcut to
9 374
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