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What do your dreams mean
Dream meanings dictionary
137 10,000+
Tarot Readings Free
#2. Tarot Readings Free (v1.0.2.1)
This app gives you a Past, Present and Future tarot reading directly. Enjoy free tarot reading, tarot for Google Drive's files.
53 2,000+
Today's Horoscope
#3. Today's Horoscope (v1.0.1.5)
Get free daily horoscope.. Astrology free daily horoscopes for you.
35 2,000+
#4. Руны (v1.11)
Оракул на каждый день.
26 2,000+
Learn what the universe has in store for you. Get your fortune without going to an Asian buffet.
62 1,000+
Fortune Cookie Of The Day
Want to know your future, your destiny. your fortune? Crack open a fortune cookie and see what it reveals. Give it a crack!
37 1,000+
Understand My Dreams
Understand my Dreams, Dreams interpretations application, analyze your dream symbols.
5 1,000+
Magic 8 Ball
#8. Magic 8 Ball (v1.0.0)
The original Magic 8 Ball has the answer to every question!
17 892
Love Calculator
#9. Love Calculator (v1.0.1)
Relive the 90s using the love calculator! Use it for your first love, current flame, ex-flame, singer, actor/actress, etc!
184 747
Ask the Magic 8 Ball
Do you have unaswerable questions? Then be sure to ask the all knowing magic 8 ball!
17 661
Love Calculator
#11. Love Calculator (v2.0)
Upload photos and check the Love index. Share the result on Google+ or FB.
14 650
#12. Ицзын (v1.1)
Гадание по Книге Перемен.
10 647
#13. 心理測驗好好玩 (v1.0.0.0)
4 641
#14. Numerology (v1.0)
The branch of knowledge that deals with the occult significance of numbers
7 639
Nostradamus Quatrains
Read the famous quatrains from Nostradamus and learn what the future holds!
4 428
Astrolgy is a Science which tells Your Luck & Personality with Your Sun Sign. Click on Your Sign & know everything about You
5 398
Keep an online journal of computerized tarot readings. Many spreads and decks available.
3 280
Ziehe deine Tagesrune oder hole dir dein Runen Tageshoroskop.
5 264
Space Launch Schedule
Space Launch Schedule App.
4 260
Расчет нумерологического квадрата Пифагора (психоматрицы) по дате рождения.
4 226
Crystal Ball
#21. Crystal Ball (v1.2.4)
Test Crystal Ball App
9 220
#22. HelioViewer (v0.1)
An open-source project for the visualization of solar and heliospheric data. It has an easy to use interface with various features.
2 185
Oroscopo del giorno
#23. Oroscopo del giorno (v0.0.0.1)
Consultazione gratuita dell'oroscopo di oggi e quello del giorno dopo, con la consulenza di astrologi esperti.
8 131
#24. Numerology (v1)
Numerology calculator
3 129
Rolex can display current time , while the moon can display current phase and position in the sky.
0 102
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