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Canvas Rider
#1. Canvas Rider (v1.0)
An experiment to render Free Rider tracks in HTML5.
4,689 549,685
Basket & Ball
#2. Basket & Ball (v1.0.3.7)
Lead the living ball into the jolly basket in this unique basketball arcade game!
408 374,133
Funky Karts
#3. Funky Karts (v1.6.4)
A Nonstop Platform Roller
1,844 344,186
#4. SWOOOP (v1.1)
Loop and swoop your bi-plane around the magical island. What's your highscore?
627 239,616
90kids Games
#5. 90kids Games (v1.5)
Relive your childhood!
826 214,201
Give Up
#6. Give Up (v1.0.0)
Fantastic platform game that will try to intimidate you and make you give up.
721 175,228
Pong 2
#7. Pong 2 (v5)
Play Pong with a friend or by yourself! Its like ping pong but for your computer!
320 171,797
#8. Pacman (v2.5.1)
Play classic game Pacman built in HTML5
235 157,250
Crash King
#9. Crash King (v1.0.0.3)
Like a Boss
163 140,290
Cut the Rope Time Travel
#10. Cut the Rope Time Travel (v0.0.0.1)
Join Om Nom as he travels back in time to feed his ancestors with candy.
316 136,087
Cube Slam
#11. Cube Slam (v0.75)
Play face-to-face against your friends.
752 134,868
Chain Reaction
#12. Chain Reaction (v1.2)
Create a Chain Reaction of explosions to clear the level!
2,530 126,076
#13. Battleship (v1.4.2)
Battleship — online game for 2 players. Arrange ships, wait for opponent and start playing.
1,087 87,779
Free Rider 3
#14. Free Rider 3 (v4.1)
The only official sequel to Free Rider 2 and replacement to Canvas Rider.
241 78,735
Flappy Bird Multiplayer
269 70,593
#16. Spelunky (v6)
"Legends speak of a Colossal Cave that extends deep underground, so twisted by time that its passages shift like the sand under……
201 66,317
Run Pixie Run
#17. Run Pixie Run (v1)
Run Pixie, RUN! Speed through the lush jungle snagging as many pickups as you can along the way.
365 55,122
Don't GiveUp
#18. Don't GiveUp (v1.2)
Try your luck at guiding our hero through traps and enemies to survive!
143 54,870
Papas Freezeria Game
172 40,748
#20. Snake (v0.0.3)
A full-window version of the game of Snake, written for the browser.
106 39,674
Bacon Jump
#21. Bacon Jump (v2.4)
Bacon Themed Infinite Jumper
98 34,870
Kick Bot
#22. Kick Bot (v1.3.16)
Kick Bot will really kick your bot! Maneuver through spikes and laser beams. One wrong move and you’re a heap of metal.
107 34,786
Shipwreck Shenanigans
#23. Shipwreck Shenanigans (v0.0.1)
In a strange shipwreck, you are an outstanding soldier. You need to use your tool to secure yourself from damage.
0 33,740
Run Robo Run
#24. Run Robo Run (v21.1)
Run Robo Run delivers intense, fast-paced jump-and-run fun!
126 33,408
Pizza Snake
#25. Pizza Snake (v2.0.0)
★★★★★ Pizza Snake is a modern snake game and the best snake game ever. PLAY NOW!
130 32,966
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