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#1. Timer (v1.8.0.4)
Timer Countdown, Alarm Clock, and Stopwatch
1,401 452,482
World Time Buddy
Powerful time converter & world clock!
1,155 159,044
Onlive Clock
#3. Onlive Clock (v2.0)
Alarm clock, calendar, stopwatch, timer, kitchen timer, countdown timer to any date, Christmas countdown, metronome.
772 109,393
Stopwatch & Timer
#4. Stopwatch & Timer (v0.0.9)
A beautifully simple Stopwatch & Timer.
94 98,924
Alarm Clock
#5. Alarm Clock (v1.0.2.5)
Alarm Clock is a practical alarm clock which turns your Chrome into Beautiful Digital Clock. Designed to wake you up.
551 78,129
Digital Clock CE-7
Digital clock with alarm
402 51,708
Countdown Timer
#7. Countdown Timer (v0.7)
Offline Countdown Timer.
101 37,681
#8. Moosti (v1.0.4)
Moosti is a simple time tracker to use with - The Pomodoro Technique® -. This is the old
234 34,029
#9. Timer (v0.0.0.6)
Timer Countdown + Alarm Clock + Stopwatch
125 33,947
You can use apps related to time. There are timers, stopwatches, alarm clocks, three-dimensional clocks.
73 33,207
#11. FlipClock (v4.1.1)
Flip away the time with FlipClock.
102 29,294
World Clocks
#12. World Clocks (v1.0.2.1)
Current local time in cities worldwide in all time zones. Support weather and map of the city.
122 22,488
#13. Stopwatch (v40)
Simple stopwatch with the ability to track laps.
91 22,449
Часы Google Chrome ™
178 13,214
Awesome 3D Clock
#15. Awesome 3D Clock (v1.4)
What time is it now? Awesome 3D Clock will tell you. Use it as screensaver or wallpaper.
72 12,742
Displays the current Time, Date and Weather. and Displays the latest stories from various news feeds.
85 12,343
zzllrr Fullscreen Clock-ZFC
#17. zzllrr Fullscreen Clock-ZFC (v2017.7.27)
An HTML5 Fullscreen Clock(Analog / Digital) APP by zzllrr
44 9,530
Retro clock (free)
#18. Retro clock (free) (v1.0.0)
Free retro Clock. A wonderful clock.
46 8,960
Analog Clock CE-7
#19. Analog Clock CE-7 (v1.11)
Analog and digital clock
81 8,487
Minimal Christmas countdown.
79 8,202
Days To
#21. Days To (v0.0.0.2)
Countdown the number of days left until favourite holidays and events, such as Public holidays, Christmas and Easter, or any date.
43 7,666
#22. Stopwatch (v0.1.0.8)
A brand new Stopwatch from the creator of Timer Tab. Featuring history and multiple Stopwatches.
51 7,506
Tea clock
#23. Tea clock (v6)
Your perfect cup of tea.
54 5,933
Station Clock CE-7
#24. Station Clock CE-7 (v1.0.1)
Original LED clock
69 5,779
Alarm Clock
#25. Alarm Clock (v2)
It's time to do something.
25 4,913
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