Chrome extensions by categories

114 results
#1. Timer (v1.8.0.4)
Timer Countdown, Alarm Clock, and Stopwatch
1,401 438,725
World Time Buddy
Powerful time converter & world clock!
1,153 150,906
Stopwatch & Timer
#3. Stopwatch & Timer (v0.0.9)
A beautifully simple Stopwatch & Timer.
96 130,087
Onlive Clock
#4. Onlive Clock (v2.0)
Alarm clock, calendar, stopwatch, timer, kitchen timer, countdown timer to any date, Christmas countdown, metronome.
774 100,665
#5. FlipClock (v4.1.1)
Flip away the time with FlipClock.
107 83,113
Alarm Clock
#6. Alarm Clock (v1.0.2.5)
Alarm Clock is a practical alarm clock which turns your Chrome into Beautiful Digital Clock. Designed to wake you up.
546 77,132
Digital Clock CE-7
Digital clock with alarm
403 48,792
Countdown Timer
#8. Countdown Timer (v0.7)
Offline Countdown Timer.
101 43,993
#9. Moosti (v1.0.4)
Moosti is a simple time tracker to use with - The Pomodoro Technique® -. This is the old
235 31,630
#10. Timer (v0.0.0.6)
Timer Countdown + Alarm Clock + Stopwatch
124 31,549
World Clocks
#11. World Clocks (v1.0.2.1)
Current local time in cities worldwide in all time zones. Support weather and map of the city.
123 21,678
#12. Stopwatch (v40)
Simple stopwatch with the ability to track laps.
89 14,822
zzllrr Fullscreen Clock-ZFC
#13. zzllrr Fullscreen Clock-ZFC (v2017.7.27)
An HTML5 Fullscreen Clock(Analog / Digital) APP by zzllrr
44 15,675
Часы Google Chrome ™
178 11,442
Date,Time,Weather and News
Displays the current Time, Date and Weather. and Displays the latest stories from various news feeds.
85 11,443
Awesome 3D Clock
#16. Awesome 3D Clock (v1.4)
What time is it now? Awesome 3D Clock will tell you. Use it as screensaver or wallpaper.
71 11,400
Retro clock (free)
#17. Retro clock (free) (v1.0.0)
Free retro Clock. A wonderful clock.
46 8,571
Analog Clock CE-7
#18. Analog Clock CE-7 (v1.11)
Analog and digital clock
81 7,516
Minimal Christmas countdown.
78 6,525
#20. Stopwatch (v0.1.0.8)
A brand new Stopwatch from the creator of Timer Tab. Featuring history and multiple Stopwatches.
51 6,408
Days To
#21. Days To (v0.0.0.2)
Countdown the number of days left until favourite holidays and events, such as Public holidays, Christmas and Easter, or any date.
44 6,364
Alarm Clock
#22. Alarm Clock (v2)
It's time to do something.
26 5,551
Tea clock
#23. Tea clock (v6)
Your perfect cup of tea.
54 5,227
Station Clock CE-7
#24. Station Clock CE-7 (v1.0.1)
Original LED clock
68 4,874
A clean, easy to use, customisable Timer with text to speech (TTS) interval alerts
16 4,635