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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Ahrefs SEO Toolbar Ahrefs SEO Toolbar
User count: 181,782
Rating: 151
On-page SEO report, broken link checker, redirect tracer, and country changer for search results in one extension.
#2 XKit Rewritten XKit Rewritten
Publisher: April Sylph
User count: 29,461
Rating: 33
The enhancement suite for Tumblr's new web interface
#3 AI Content Detector Chat GPT - Originality.AI AI Content Detector Chat GPT - Originality.AI
User count: 14,830
Rating: 62
With our AI content detection determine whether the content you're viewing was created with an AI writing tool
#4 Post To Tumblr Post To Tumblr
User count: 11,600
Rating: 708
Enables right-click posting of content to Tumblr
#5 Tumblr – Post to Tumblr Tumblr – Post to Tumblr
User count: 8,381
Rating: 12
Post to Tumblr right from your browser toolbar!
#7 Graze for Mastodon Graze for Mastodon
User count: 1,190
Rating: 8
Graze is 1-click follow, favorite, boost, bookmark, and reply for Mastodon, no matter what instance you call home.
#8 Better Medium Stats Better Medium Stats
Publisher: e04dl47878
User count: 1,102
Rating: 26
View your Medium stats in a better way and export data to csv file.
#9 Mahalo Mahalo
User count: 735
Rating: 9
Keep the good memories and plans in one handy digital space.
#10 Sanity Sanity
Publisher: Sanity
User count: 595
Rating: 9
Extension to retheme, repair, and expand functions for Insanejournal, brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Tessisamess!
#11 NotionSEO: Notion SEO & Readability Plugin NotionSEO: Notion SEO & Readability Plugin
User count: 376
Rating: 5
Helps with SEO Indicators, Keywords, Backlinks, Readability Scores, and Content Reach
#12 Medium Any Author Stats Medium Any Author Stats
User count: 261
Rating: 0
The statistics of any Medium author. Enter Medium author's page and click a button to see their detailed statistics!
#13 Create Link Create Link
Publisher: ku
User count: 38,819
Rating: 162
Copy current page URL to clipboard in various formats.
#14 Admitad Extension Admitad Extension
Publisher: Admitad
User count: 27,258
Rating: 88
Extension No.1 for earning money on your audience
#15 Desktop Screen Recorder Desktop Screen Recorder
Publisher: brian.girko
User count: 8,498
Rating: 9
Record the computer's screen, entire application or a single browser tab with audio support
#16 The Passle Button The Passle Button
User count: 6,256
Rating: 12
Turn busy experts into recognised thought leaders.
#17 Download Tumblr images Download Tumblr images
User count: 4,914
Rating: 20
One click Tumblr large resolution image download from the context menu.
Publisher: Techlo9
User count: 2,853
Rating: 3 is an online tool that Paraphrase the selected text.
#19 Mobile Pinterest for PC/MAC Mobile Pinterest for PC/MAC
User count: 2,643
Rating: 7
Bring mobile Pinterest experience to desktop.
#20 Change Webpage Fonts Change Webpage Fonts
Publisher: justinfy5621
User count: 2,169
Rating: 25
Change Webpage Fonts
#21 Tags for YouTube™ Tags for YouTube™
User count: 2,164
Rating: 1
Any YouTube video to view the tags or keywords
#22 Qopywriter: AI-Powered Article Writer Qopywriter: AI-Powered Article Writer
User count: 1,955
Rating: 5
AI content generator that writes for you! Create human-quality blog posts, SEO articles, news, press releases, and more in seconds.
#23 Article Word Counter Article Word Counter
Publisher: Nimtools
User count: 1,842
Rating: 4
Count Article Words Tool by
#24 WordsAtScale Outline Extractor WordsAtScale Outline Extractor
User count: 1,361
Rating: 4
WordsAtScale Outline Extractor ver. 2 contains new and improved features, such as: - ability to copy H1, H2, H3 and H4 of any…
#25 Signature Signature
Publisher: Cedric Amaya
User count: 1,275
Rating: 1
Signatures for Medium, simplified.
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